IMG_0670We’ve just had so much fun this week watching the integration of Goose, Ducks, and Chicks. So far, no animals have been harmed! We’ve still got the Rangers and the Speckleds separated from everyone, and even had to separate the Specks from the Rangers; the Rangers were just outgrowing the Specks all around and we were afraid we’d loose another one. So the Specks are now in Roman’s old cage and thriving well there. They don’t have to compete for water or food, nor are they going to be pushed away from the heat light. This will give them time to catch up! The Rangers are meant to mature more quickly because they’re meat birds, where we’ll keep the Specks more for eggs. We’ll keep one rooster and and any hens we have and then process the others. 

Roman-big-poolThe most fun has been watching Roman and the Ducks (sounds like a 50’s doowop group) try to share the big pool. Sue set it up on Monday and everyone ignored it. It wasn’t until Thursday that Roman decided that it looked like fun. He got in and started to splash around; the splashing attracted the ducks.  A couple of them got in and decided that they wanted to pool all to themselves and chased poor Roman out,
he ended up relegated to the Ducks-&-Roman-Big-Poolkiddie pool the rest of the day.  Today, however, he and the ducks had been sharing the pool rather nicely. Roman and the Ducks, along with the older chicks have been spending the last couple of days together. Tonight the Ducks let it be known that they did not want to overnight in their new digs, but wanted to be with everyone Roman-kicked-out2else – thank you very much! So everyone is in the coop together this night; segregated, but together. Cozy. I know this is silly, but you can see the photo progression of the pool issue to the left. If you follow our Face Book page, you’ll recognize one of the photos!  You may have noticed that Roman quickly became one of our favorites, basically overnight. It helps when he follows you around and tugs at your pant leg when he wants to be held. Sue said today he wanted to be held and then fell asleep in her lap.  What are we going to do when he is full grown? Geese are huge! But he really likes to snuggle at this point and who can resist such fluffy sweetness?

OK – on to projects. 1) Today the plumber came and installed a hot water heater in the dinky house. So now the “electrical and water project” has been completed! Mark it down folks. It got a bit out of budget, but now it is finished. 2) In between the electrical and the water project, Dustin has been working on the roof for to the cistern.  It’s still a goal to have that completed by the time the monsoons start so that we can capture the water from the roof and collect it into the cistern.  Just trying to capture as much water as possible for use later. 3) Rocks. Yes we have them. After they dug the electrical/water line trench, there were abundant rocks. Sue has been moving the rocks from the middle of the field to the pile under the oak tree. This is a great holding area, we can always use more rocks somewhere! I haven’t figured out to embed YouTube videos into this blog, but here’s a link to a video of the next tractor attachment I think we should have.  Kinda fun! I don’t think we’ll be getting that soon, but if we do – we’ll let you know about it here. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. High of 86°, right now at 7:18 p.m., it is 72°, low is supposed to be 52°. So, still getting chilly at night- that may be why the ducks wanted to be in with everyone else.

Egg Report: 10! One that we definitely believe to be a double yoker. Want to see a photo and chime in on whether we’re all cracked up or not? Visit our FaceBook page; the link is above.