Blowin’ in the Wind

…as they say in some circles. I know I harp on about the wind all the time, and I’m going to again – so just skip it if you want, but we did have an exceptionally windy weekend. The winds were predicted at 30 mph, and we had gusts that were truly Gale Force. The poor littles, Roman, and the Ducks had to be inside so much because the winds were trying to lift them off the ground!  At one point, on Sunday afternoon, we were out changing water, filling up the feed – just letting them run around for a bit – and we had a pretty good gust come up that harshly blew the Delaware chickens’ feathers all higgledy-piggledy. We both were wondering why they even wanted to be out in it, paused a beat and, as the wind completely ruffled a hen from behind, at the same time, said: “Well, whatever blows your skirt up!” It we rather funny; we thought that’d be a good name for a post, and tried to catch this in action. To try to show what exactly we saw, I’m up loading a a video and the one photo that we were hoping would capture what was happening.  I know it was one of those “I guess you had to have been there” type of things, but just watch the video.  We’ll load it at the bottom of the post.

4H-ShamrockOther news: I mentioned that the rooster, Big Buff, had injured himself pretty badly and we weren’t sure if we should do anything for him or not.  We checked him out one night and his leg didn’t seem to be broken, but the thigh was quite swollen, compared to the other, and very hot. Sue did some calling around to see if anyone could recommend someone to take a look at him, but there really wasn’t anybody in the area. Then, on Saturday, we were at Tractor Supply returning those blue berry bushes that we were going to try to plant (but they were dead 😦 . ), and there, outside the store, was the local 4H Group with smaller animals… some of which were chickens.  So, when we were done with our shopping, Sue stopped and asked – “Which one of you is the chicken lady?” One sweet young lady raised her hand and replied, “That’s me,” with a rather sheepish grin. Sue explained about the rooster’s injuries and asked what, if anything, we should do. The 4H youngster said just to wait. “With that type of injury, only time can heal it – or it won’t.” That’s always been my mom’s philosophy on farm life, but it’s so hard to embrace when you see an animal in obvious pain; you really want to try to help out. We’ve let Big Buff take care of himself these last few days. Because it’s been so windy, and they were inside more than out, he seems to be a bit better for having rested. That gives us some hope that the injury will, indeed, heal and he’ll be back to his ol’ rooster self very soon.

IMG_0779And then there’s Roman. Still loving the baby tub – even though all he can really do anymore is stand inside and chomp on the grass outside. Roman has become such a bigIMG_0491 goose, we aren’t allowed to hold him any more. We can talk to Roman and pet Roman, but when it comes to holding and cuddling – for. get. it.  Oh well.  In case you need a reminder of the cutie at a few days old. Here you go. Look at the fuzz ball!!! Makes me want another little one. Maybe not for a while yet.  If we do end up with something new, you know we’ll tell you about it here!  Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.
and enjoy the video below.

Today’s Weather: Rather windy still, and a lot cooler.  At 5:30 a.m. it was 51°, when we got home from town this evening, at around 7:30 p.m., it was 55°, the high was supposedly 67°.  I can neither confirm nor deny that.   I felt the sum total of 2 drops of rain! We’d really like some more to come this way; we’ve put our order in with mom! Supposed to rain around 9 p.m.

Egg Report: We had six eggs – they really have not been fond of this wind, and with two buffs trying to sit, our numbers have just been down.