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Distant morning ground fog, from the back porch.

“Extraordinary Skies. Uncommon Ground.” This is the Sierra Vista Visitor Center‘s tag line, and it does fit the area. The last few days have been great “Extraordinary Sky” days. We were finally blessed with some precipitation (Mom promised she would send some) along with thunder, lightening, and then some beautiful and amazing clouds. The rain ended up refilling the water barrel and Sue had to drain it into the “pond” for a couple of hours, so that’s pretty good.  Today Sue was hoping to be able to tackle the coyote melon plants in the depression, but the rain only sank in to about 3″.  She’s still thinking of attacking them with the back hoe. Still might be the best idea. 

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Our view of the Huachuca’s this morning

Today the morning dawned crisp and cold with some puffy white clouds still gliding by. This afternoon the cloud population grew considerably, but there was no longer any rain to be had.  The chickens were so happy to be able to get out, but they still spent a great deal of time inside, under the heat lights.  It didn’t really warm up until around 2pm and then it was absolutely gorgeous! The Delawares spent a great deal of time, in the afternoon, sunning themselves as much

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Handles are for sitting!

as possible! On the other side of the Huachuca Mntn range is an area called Sonoita – it’s sort of like the wine region – one of our friends insists that the weather is created in Sonoita and then God sends it over the mountain range to us. Sometimes, I’m inclined to believe her; the wind and rain generally approaches from that direction! Or it goes around the mountains to the south and comes up to us from Mexico way.  It’s always wonderful to see the formations traveling up between the mountains to the south of us. Our views are always incredible!  We’d really love to share them with you in person, come and visit; we’ll take you all over and show you some incredible sights. If you can’t come, we’ll just keep posting as much as we can. Visit our Facebook page for other neat photos and farm/permaculture related stuff! Until we see you, as always~
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Extraordinary Skies!


Today’s Weather: see above 🙂

Egg Report: Today we had 6 eggs, the day before only 3.  We think the chickens are really over the yucky weather… they haven’t been very productive lately. However, we did find where some of the eggs have gone – under one of the sitting hens.  We thought the 2nd Buff that wanted to sit had nothing under her, but today I checked; there were between 6-8 eggs under her!!! She must have been getting off the nest and others would lay their eggs, there’s no way she laid 8 eggs!  We’ll just let things go, and see how well the buffs do on their own!