FullSizeRender (17)It’s a holiday, so I’m making this short. We took it a bit easy today. It started off pretty exciting… when Sue went in to get some Timothy hay for the goats, this lizard cutie, poked his head out and said, “What you lookin’ at, Willis?” She said he didn’t move out of the way (I think he might have been a little cold) and Sue just tried to take a bit of hay without disturbing him. We’ve been seeing more and more lizards lately and we sure like them.  They help keep the spiders and the ants under control – of which there many.

After the normal chores this morning, we went and visited our friend Mr. Kelly… because… we were ready for part 4 or 5, I’m losing count now. We brought a truckload of really well composted horse manure home for the circle garden. If you don’t follow us on Facebook, let me bring you up to date. We finished lining the circle garden with the welded wire! Yippee!!! Then, we covered it with the cardboard – we put the cinder-blocks down for the walkways, then we started the process of bringing in the compost. Below are the steps:


The lining of Stonehenge

Why is it that these projects take 3 times longer than you initially estimate? We just don’t know. What we do know is that we no longer expect to finish a project in one day. There are just too many factors that are out of our control. We do know that we are continually making progress and that one day we will be able to plant!  The composted manure that we picked up from Mr. Kelly today is just perfect… it’s almost dirt itself. The plants will go nuts over


Giant Cardboard Cookie

it! We decided we’ll need one truckload


Entarped Compost in Quadrant 1

of compost for each quadrant of the circle. The next thing to do is make the “tunnels for the kitchen compost for the worms. Then we can be moving the hay from the goat shed and adding it as well as the composted manure.  We’re well on our way!

Since it was a holiday, after we were done with the compost, we ate a great breakfast of Grits-n-eggs, cleaned up and went into town to enjoy the newest addition to the Pirates of the Caribbean saga.  It was fun.  Came home and had a lovely pot-roast dinner with Dustin & Alexis – and now here I am blogging.  You’re caught up with us in real time! We hope you had a great weekend as well. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on things as they progress. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Perfect! Nice morning for moving manure, warmer later when we wanted to be inside to go to the movies, a great evening: at 6:49 p.m. it is 85°!  Looks like we’re expecting a low of 59°.  And tomorrow the high will be around 90°. Partly cloudy, but no rain.

Egg Report: Only four eggs today, but it may have been a little early. The broody one’s are slowly coming out of their brood. Maybe our numbers will be up soon.