I’m writing this on my phone tonight, so it’ll look a bit different. We are currently at church, waiting for the Vesper Service to start and I thought I’d get a jump on things. 

We’re moving Kinda slow on projects because of outside issues, but Sue is still making progress regardless of things that are interfering.  Yesterday she put in the “tunnels” that we’ll use for composting and where we’ll first introduce the worms.  It’s very difficult to see the wire in the photo, but if you look closely, you can see the at she has attached the chicken wire the bricks so it does, indeed form a tunnel.    Today, she cut the boards that will go on top. These will provide us a walkway to get into the garden and to keep the worm area shaded and, hopefully, damp or moist enough for them.

Other things continue along. We had to send in a weed whacker for repair that was less than a year old.  And took one back to Home Depot that Sue just purchase on Sunday- the motor just completely burnt up then very first time she used it!!! It’s difficult to get high quality tools anymore.  So far we’ve gone through four staple guns, a couple of shovels, several bits for the drill- it’s amazing to me!  We just keep track of everything. Maybe one day we’ll be able to take some of it off the farm taxes! I’m sure will share that great nugget of information with you- until then ~ as always,  thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: quite hot, I think it was around 95 today.  Sue said the wind started around 9:30 this morning and was quite fierce.  Still going strong tonight.

Egg report: we had 7 eggs tonight- yesterday we had 8.