IMG_0933This title refers to the addition of the Specks to the general population (and credit goes to Dustin for coming up with it).  One night, as the chickens, ducks, and goose were being put up for the evening, the Specks tried to line the top of the screen that separates them for the others… and it crumpled. Came down right on top of everyone. Silly chicks.  So, Sue decided that it was time for them to join the others as part of the flock now. This caused a bit of drama; new kids on the block you know! Everyone picks on them, even the Rangers. I think the Rangers are now happy to move up a notch in the pecking order. Adding chickens to an established group is always a tricky thing. The Specks are still such babes compared to the others; if we step into the chicken run, they come right to us, because they think we represent safety – little do they know. Today, Sue found them huddled under the ChickShaw; the older birds were keeping them away from the food and water,  Sue moved them over to the Chicken Tractor with their own food and water so they felt a bit safer. They’ll all work it out soon and be running around together. (They will also get more space after the 10th, because we’ll process the Rangers that Saturday.) In the evening, they are content to be lifted back up to their place on the brooding table where they feel out of the fray of the larger birds. And it can be a fray, that’s for sure. This morning, I took a video as everyone stampeded out of the coop. It’s only 20 seconds long, but a whole lot of birds fly by. One day, I might even be able to post it here!!! (Having some internet issues at the moment.)​

Moringa seedlingSue planted the Moringa Tree seedling yesterday, and so far it’s doing well. The photo at left is a Moringa tree, just not OUR Moringa tree, because I forgot to take a photo. Can you believe that? Anyway, we’ve been having a bit of difficulty when we plant out our seedlings, because the wind has a tendency to simply desiccate them before they get very established. We continue to water what we plant out, and many will come back from the root – but it’s very disheartening. A few weeks ago we planted out a couple hummingbird vines and a Rose of Sharon, which were all ravaged two days later by some pretty high winds. Sue recently purchased some black berry bushes, a couple of Goji Berry plants, and a couple of blueberry plants – they will all need a bit of tender care prior to us planting them out.  We’re thinking of putting them in pots for at least a year before sticking them into the ground… and while we wait, we’ll amend the soil where we want to plant them.  In the case of the blueberries, we’ll keep them in the same area where they will eventually be planted, so that we can see if they thrive there. It’s always a process! We’ll certainly share the berry pickin’s if we ever get enough. Until then, as always~
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Today’s Weather: At 5:30 this morning it was 58°, the phone says that the high was 88°, but it felt hotter than that! Currently, at 9:00 p.m., it is 71° with a slight breeze.  Gorgeous porch sitting weather.

Egg Report: Today we had 7 eggs… the Buffs have gotten over their broodiness and are laying again! Yippeee. Now if we could just get Imen to stay out of the nesting box we’d be in good shape :).