FullSizeRender (45)We’ve talked a bit about planting out trees, bushes, and up-potting the seedlings. This flurry of work has been going on because we’re right in the midst of monsoon season. Sue took this photo out at the Goat Boys’ last week, but you can see how we’re beginning to green up. around the house it looks like we have this wonderful lush lawn, especially rightIMG_1364 after Sue mows in the morning. Our pastures are full of green grass interspersed with what we believe to be, wild white alyssum. It is leggier than the sweet alyssum you see in most gardens and doesn’t grow quite as clumpy. There is one stalk and flowers bloom on the top third. I think it looks really pretty though. 


Texas Red Oak

We’ve been planning and talking about what trees to plant where… as you know, we have quite a few that were transported when I moved here and have traveled back with me from California from time to time. Today, though, we are really quite excited to have been gifted 20 trees from The Real Wishes Foundation. Full disclosure: Real Wishes is the charitable foundation under the auspices of the company I currently work for. We were able to apply for these trees because our land falls within the Monument Fire burn area. Real Wishes has funds


Arizona Blue Ice Cypress

specifically set aside to replant trees in this burned out area. They are working with a Native Tree Grower with a nursery called Oaks of the Wild West. Today we received our voucher for 20 trees and we can’t wait to speak with the owner, Gary Foss, to hear what he recommends for our specific area. We really want to plant some wind breaks along the fence lines and also provide some nice shade trees for the Goat Boys as well as the garage. Gary has some beautiful species of oaks, pines, cypress and juniper. Also some fruit bearing trees, so we’ll just have to go and see what’s available now and make some choices. It’ll be difficult, I can already tell just by looking at his website. We’ll be sure to take along the camera and share the whole experience with you. Aren’t you lucky? Until then, as always~
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Today’s Weather: It’s been such a nice day. Warm, but not really hot. Definitely muggy though. Had a small rain shower around 2:30 today accompanied by lots of thunder and a great lightening show.  Dogs still haven’t quite settled down and its 4pm!

Egg Report: We had 12 eggs yesterday again! Love those days. 10 today.  Maeve is hiding her eggs from us again and we haven’t found her little clutch yet – but we will!

Interesting Sight of the Week: (new addition) When I was planting out a Red Bird of Paradise – a gift from our friend Lily- I was turn the compost pile to get at some of the really good stuff, a there was a little tarantula trying to get out of my way. I’ve never seen one so small; of course I didn’t have my camera, I’ll try to get him next time!