You probably know I was gone on a business trip Monday and Tuesday. When I finally came home Tuesday afternoon, Sue had sent me photos of the work she did while I was gone. Here’s the low down.

FullSizeRender (59)Monday, she said she wasn’t feeling very well so “all” she did was finish making the baskets for all the trees that we received from Real Wishes. They are a little bit difficult to see in the photo to the left, but if you look closely you can see that they fit a 5 gallon tree container. All together, she has made 22 of these guys. It takes FOREVER, people!!! We make them so that, for the first 3 years or so, the gophers won’t be able to eat the tree roots down to little nubby nothings. The baskets go into the ground and the trees are planted right inside them. This is welded wire, so it lasts a good long time; eventually it does rust away, but by then the roots should be good and strong and, if they are nibbled, they should be able to overcome that. We are trying to do everything in our power to give these little trees a good jump on their life here. We love them!

FullSizeRender (57)Tuesday, Sue tackled the goat shed all on her own. She did it in a similar way that we did the chicken coop. The photo to the right shows half of what came out of the shed. Tuesday, the guys working on the road were extra loud, so the goats weren’t too happy with Sue being in their safe place. They stood around right outside while she worked at clearing out the old soiled hay. She ended up getting two tarps covered with hay. Eventually, we’ll be able to move and add it to the pile in the depression. Once Sue had it all cleaned out, she used two whole bales of straw for new bedding for them. It makes it really quite cushy in their little shed. As soon as the new straw was down, Taco George made a bee line for FullSizeRender (58)the shed. He didn’t even wait for her to move the rest of the old stuff out of the way and onto the tarp. He was much happier inside where he could hide! Poor little guys. They are in there right now, as I type this, because it is raining with thunderbolts and lightning- very, very, frightening! I’m glad that they have a place they like to call their own and that keeps them feeling safe and sound. The other day our friend Holly asked us, “What are they good for again?” They are good to make us smile! And eat all the big stuff from the garden. We’ll keep them around for a while yet. If we can come up with something new for them to do, we’ll let you know. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s weather: Well, finally, we got some rain this afternoon. It always cools down once the rain starts, so right now it is 64°. Quite refreshing!

Egg report: Let’s go all the way back to Sunday, since I didn’t have anything with me on Monday to bring you up to date. Sunday we had 14 chicken and 2 duck eggs, Monday 19 with 1 duck, Tuesday – today – we had 18 chicken and 3 duck eggs. I think they’ve been doing great!

Cool Sighting of the week: So, my cool sighting for this week was opening up the fridge this afternoon and seeing all the eggs that were purchased via text and Facebook last night. We sold 16 dozen eggs in the course of an hour! That’s amazing. The photo below shows all the eggs that are going to be delivered to friends and family in Ramona, La Jolla, La Mesa and El Cajon over the next few days. I want to personally thank: Bernadette and John, Ray and Tony, Mamma Carlburg, Tracy, Mary V. C., Becky and Alex, Candace, Nina and Mark, Patty and George, Holly B., Mary and Dick, Vicky T. and all our extended family for your wonderful support of our adventure. Through your prayers, patronage (those purchasing eggs), visits, love, and simple interest (read: following us on Facebook and suffering through this blog), you give us courage and the where with all to continue making a go of it – everyday. We do truly appreciate and thank you! Jo