This weekend I’m in California for my Dad’s birthday. Seems that I’ve been gone quite a bit lately. That leaves Sue taking care of these projects that are coming up- that we’ve talked about on these blogs lately.
IMG_1561While I was driving around (or being driven around by my niece) today, doing errands with my mom and delivering eggs to people who ordered them, Sue was at home setting up the electric fence for the Bachelor Roosters. This time she ordered stronger corner posts so that the would be able to hold the fence better. Our soil gets so hard so quickly – even in the monsoon season – that it’s difficult to get the fence posts in deeply enough to stand up to the winds. I asked her how she liked them, and she said that she’s pretty sure they’ll work well.  Only time will tell though.

IMG_1560So, here’s the whole set up. That’s the Chickshaw in the middle and you can see the white fence that’s up. the  black corner posts are the new ones she’s trying. Looks like they are holding the fence nice and taught. You can see the lawn mower there; in order for the fence to get a really good charge, it can’t be grounded out by the grass. So, when she puts up in a new area, she mows the grass really close to the ground. This is the IMG_1562work she did on Friday. She thought that she’d be able to get the chickens in Friday night, but she had to spend too much time mending the fence around the other chickens and couldn’t quite get everything done in time. She thinks someone tried to eat through the fence, but we saw Roma munching along on the fence line and it could have been damage from that. She fixed it and now all is well over there.  Today (Saturday) she set up the charger on the Rooster’s fence. Her text said that it was testing good and strong. This is important because it’s the furthest away the chickens have ever been, and they are rather out in the middle of nowhere. We want to make sure that they’re protected from predators at night. For the most part, they’ll be fine during the day. They are our test case for pasturing. We’ll see how it goes 🙂 And if anything happens, you know we’ll share it here. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Weather: So, I asked Sue yesterday how the weather was. I was wondering if we had any spill over from the hurricane going into Texas and Louisiana. She said that it was gently raining, but who knows if it was attached to that hurricane which is now a tropical storm. Today it’s just partly cloudy and getting warm… 91°, that’s the highest it’s been in quite a while. But it’s starting to get quite warm here in Ramona as well. 97° today, 98° tomorrow, 106° Monday!

Egg Report: It’s too early for a Saturday egg report, but yesterday we had 3 duck eggs and 18 chicken eggs. I’ll need to do a local egg promotion when I get back home!