FullSizeRender (69)I know that you’ve been hearing a lot about hay movements lately, but just one more report today and we’ll move on. Today, Sue hauled all the goat hay from the previous cleaning over to this side of the fence. Some of it she used to give the newest plantings a bit of mulch. This will help keep them from drying out so quickly since the rain has started back up. The remainder of it she put in the chicken runs. The photo you see, to the left, is little Maeve who quite quickly scratched herself a hole in the hay and got to work. Later, both she and Imen were submerged to their heads in the hay. I was sure the hay walls they had made were going to topple and cover them at any moment. So far, the walls – and the chickens – are still standing.
img_1627.jpgOn the other side, Sue continued to scatter the hay in those areas that have become mostly bare dirt. You can see, just beyond the duck pools, where the area becomes more dirt than anything else. The reason I took this photo, though, was to show you how much the chickens love to scratch around in this stuff. They just scratch, willy nilly, and let the hay fly. So by the time we were doing chores today, the kiddie pools were just covered in hay. I thought it was pretty funny. But, then again, I am easily amused :).  So, I think that takes care of all the hay doin’s around here. Just wanted to also mention that we did put Maeve and Imen back in the littles’ side to keep the Gimpy Sussex company. She is still Gimpy, but getting around all the same. She’s even going up and down the ramp to get outdoors some. Hopefully they’ll all get along and help eachother out.  If we could find a way to mark the gimpy Barred Rock, we’d move her as well. Still working on that one. We’ll keep you informed!
Until then, as always~
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Today’s Weather: The high was 93° today, but there was a breeze blowing almost all day, which kept it cooler a bit in the shade. Partly cloudy right now, even though the weather app on my phone says it shouldn’t be. Looks like more of the same in the future until Saturday, where it shows thunder storms. Of course! Because we have company coming!

Egg Report: The numbers keep getting better and better. Today our total was 25 chicken eggs and the usual 3 duck eggs. Yesterday we were all the way up to 26, plus the 3 duck eggs. That’s amazing! And every once in a while we come up with someone laying their first egg. Take a look on our Facebook page for a photo of the newest little blue egg.

Cool Sighting: It’s prime butterfly season here near the Huachuca Mountains. Did you know that there are around 130 different species of butterflies that call our neck of the woods their sometime home? Well, it’s true! We’ve been seeing a great deal of them lately, especially when we water. We’ve been trying to take photos of them when we can, but it’s very difficult. This morning, Sue finally captured one of the prevalent black varieties that we’ve been seeing. I’m posting it below as well as two other types we’ve been seeing, but had to resort to the internet for photos. Left to right: Maybe an Arizona Sister, Empress Leilia, and Pipevine Swallowtail. Enjoy!

Arizona Sister    empress leilia    pipevine swallowtail