We are adventurers. We are students.  We are care givers. We are providers. We are care takers. We are teachers. We are traders. We are workers. We are earth movers. We are soil creators. We are gardeners. We are dreamers. We are doing our best with what we’ve been given.

geometric-what-is-permaculture.jpgI guess I felt the need to examine what exactly we are doing. Sometimes I wake up and say “What are we doing here?” What are we thinking? Where are we going? How are we going to get there from here? There’s not just one way to do the things we hope to accomplish. Just google “Permaculture” and you’ll see all sorts of people, in many different environments, cultures, countries, doing this thing called “permaculture” in so many different ways. There’s no single set of instructions that we can follow. Nothing that says, “This is the list of tools. These are the animals you need. This is what you plant and how you plant it.” No, instead there are myriad ways of accomplishing the same thing. Some of them will work for us and some of them won’t; the only way we’ll be able to know for sure is to simply try. So – we are adventurers and students.

back of business cardsWe are care-givers. We do our best to care for the little lives that are loaned to us. What they give to us as food we hope to use to help us make a difference in the lives of others. Hopefully a larger difference as time goes on, but I believe we are making a difference even now with the small contributions we make. When you support the project by purchasing eggs or a dressed chicken, you support our effort to provide wholesome, organically raised, nutritious food to those who may not have the means to purchase this otherwise. We are providers.

Sometimes sharing the food gives back to us in other ways. We give one person vegetables and they invite us over for kebabs. We give someone some roasting chickens and they give us beef. We give someone eggs and they give us some wild caught Alaskan salmon (I think we really made out on that one)! We are traders.

IMG_1629We’ve become care takers of the land we’ve been lucky enough to call the homestead. We do our vary best to utilize the earth, water, climate, energy – whatever – in a judicious manner. Then, we attempt to share it with others, so that you can see how well something does or does not work. So – I suppose – we are teachers.

We work diligently to create an environment that fosters growth and return. We both have our strengths in different areas and I like to think that we make good business partners because of that. Most of the time we work well together. Sometimesfullsizerender-68.jpg we have different ideas about something, but we work it one way or the other and see what comes from it. It’s all experimentation. We move earth. We acquire it. We dig, we cart, we spread. We compost, enrich, and compost it.  We plant it and turn it and protect it. We try to replenish what has been depleted. We are workers. We are earth movers. We are soil creators. We are gardeners. We are dreamers. We are doing our best with what we’ve been given.

Sometimes, it’s just good to look at what you are, what you have accomplished, what you hope to achieve. Yes, there is so much still do; there will always be something to work on, but there has also been so much completed and so much shared. Thank you for sharing the journey with us. We look forward to your visit, when next you are our way. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: Rather warm. A few scattered clouds that I was hoping would turn into some precipitation, but alas – no.  High today was 94°, but right now its 82° at 5:34 p.m.

Egg Report: So, the weekend egg report is as follows: Saturday- 3 duck eggs, 18 chicken eggs; Sunday – 3 duck eggs, 16 chicken eggs (plus two that were broken in the nest and one that got stomped out by the duck pools); Monday – 3 duck eggs (I’m sensing a pattern) and 26 chicken eggs – which may be the highest number so far!