cochise county fair

Borrowed photo from the Cochise County Fair Facebook page.

This Saturday we took a trip to the Cochise County Fair.  We weren’t really too sure what to expect, but hoped that we’d be able to meet up with other chicken farms in the area, maybe find out who has baby chicks for sale or the like. So, we went on a beautiful Saturday morning and got there right when it opened. There were few people there yet, only those setting up booths or rides, those who had shown dogs in the morning, or those getting ready for roping competitions. We did end up watching the roping competitions for a few different categories. I tried to get photos of the young men and women, but our vantage point wasn’t the best and mostly my photos showed the fence rails and a lot of dust clouds! These kids were fearless! And quite talented. Plus we learned that you can go to college on a roping scholarship – who knew? How cool is that. Sue said she missed here calling! (Not sure that I’d agree with that.)

FullSizeRender (77)

Cool tractors in the “Power from the Past” exhibit.

The Fair was a bit bigger than the Ramona Fair, maybe. Certainly not as big as the Del Mar Fair (AKA San Diego County Fair). There were very few vendors, but quite a few food booths. Yes, Dad, they had deep fried avocado – we didn’t buy you any. We toured the Home and Fiber Arts building – checked out our competition in case we wanted to enter any spinning or knitting next year. Then we went on to the poultry, rabbits, cows and pigs. In that order. There were quite a few entries… of course most of them were from the FFA and 4H in the area, but you could enter as an adult as well. I think we settled on having our little friend Gus get involved in 4H or FFA and then having him show our chickens or whatever. Sounds like the best plan.  Maybe we could enter eggs in the fair next year. Who knows? Something to look into!



Using Power from the Past for rope making

We took a bit of time and toured the “Power from the Past” exhibit. Spoke to some really nice folks about different pumps and lathes and other tools running on gas powered engines. One as old as 1912! They were all really sweet an knowledgeable people. Sue even took her turn at making a rope with an old rope spinning thingy. Hand powered. It was kinda cool. It reminded me of my friend Graham White telling me about the way the spun rope in England and had an entire street whose sole purpose was to provide a place to lay out the rope as it was being braided and then spun. The street is still there and is the length of standard ship’s cable. At least that’s what Graham told me and what I was able to verify. I think that sort of thing is interesting.  Anyway~ back to the fair.  Next year, we’ll see if we can become more involved somehow and make it more of an event. Talk it up amongst our friends and see what kind of interest we can generate. You’re more than welcome to join us at the fair, you never know what will happen or who you’ll run into by the Ferris Wheel. If we work on any projects for it, you know we’ll talk about it here. Until then, as always~
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Today’s Weather: We have had a little turn in the weather. The wind has, thankfully, calmed down and the nights have been so pleasantly cool. The temp this morning was 47°! Wow. Then the high went up to 82°. That’s a wide range for the day. Tomorrow it won’t be quite as cool in the morning, but it’s sure felt more like fall the last few days. I like it!

Egg Report: For the weekend… Saturday we had 16 chicken and 3 duck, Sunday 21 chicken and 3 duck, 19 chicken and 3 duck. We are slowly backing off on egg production, we think in part due to the weather and the fact that the days are getting shorter. We’ll see how things go as we continue on through the fall and into the winter.