DreamSo, we’ve added a new page to this site. Yes, there was more than just the blog! Towards the top of the webpage, there are now TWO titles: About the Adventure and Dreaming Into Reality. At the urging of our secret adviser, we’ve put together some information about what we would do if we had an extra $50, $75, $100 – $3000 dollars. What are our hopes and dreams for the place? What are the projects that have gone unfinished, or not even started, because we just don’t have the funds right now? How much would those cost? We’ve put together something that can answer those questions. 

Click on the “Dreaming Into Reality” title at the top of the web page, and it’ll take you to our list, after a lengthy introduction about it by yours truly. Hopefully we’ll just keep editing that page and it’ll get better. There is a numbered list – some of the things are more important than others, but all are on the waiting list. Some are less expensive than others, so even though they may be less important, they may be completed more quickly because they are less expensive! Should I strike that sentence or does that make sense? If you would like to help sponsor a project, or purchase a tree, or whatever… we will keep your name in our dream fulfillment book, which we’re thinking of calling “In the Fullness of Time”. We will record your gift and make a photo documentary of it or, in the case of trees, a map of where your donation has been planted. That way, when you visit, you’ll be able to see exactly where your gift has ended up! As a caveat… we cannot guarantee that all gifts of trees (or in the future: animals) will see their fruition, but we always give our best efforts to any living thing given to our care.

We hope, at the very least, you take a moment to peruse our list. Perhaps you’ll feel inspired, even called, to take part in the experiment. We are an open farm – you should know by now that you are invited to visit any time. Call ahead to make sure we’ll be home, but we welcome your visit and if you want to feed chickens, ducks, a goose, some doves (yes, that’s new), or goats – we’ve got you covered!!! Right now, you could even hold some baby chicks! We welcome you and your children, as long as you take them back home with you 🙂 One of our big dreams, when we get things really going well, is to open the place up for field trips, maybe have the kids come for a picnic lunch and visit the animals and orchards. An even bigger dream, is to have a guest house on the property that would allow people to come for a week (or more) and take part in the experience. That’s way down the road, but totally doable. We have dreams. Dream along with us as they come true! Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!!!

Today’s weather: Our mornings have still been nicely cool. Days heating up still to the low 80’s; today the high was 83°. We have some puffy clouds up there, but no rain in the forecast.

Egg Report: Yesterday we had 3 duck eggs and 20 chicken eggs. Today we had a low day: 2 duck eggs and 17 chicken eggs (one was smushed and eaten by someone, so we would have had 18).

Cool sighting of the week: We talked a little bit ago about our newspaper editor friend, Eric Petermann. I said that he might mention us in his article, but I was suprised when writer Chef Chris actually put a blurb in her column about us. I ran into her in the grocery store and she was apologizing that the photo of the eggs didn’t get into the article, I was so surprised that there had been something written, I don’t think I said my thanks very coherently.  So, if you’re reading Chef Chris,  thank you so very much! She also gave me a lead on a restaurant looking for locally grown eggs, and if something comes of that, you’ll know I’ll share. Anyway~ article appears below. Too bad she had the phone number incorrect.

egg article