Saturday was a beautiful day for the Farmers’ Market in Bisbee. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. I know that I said I’d blog from there, but my connection wasn’t at all good (the Market is located in a valley between some hills, so maybe the cell service isn’t all that hot). Then, when I got home, we were busy doing chores and finishing up cooking for two potlucks this weekend. Anyway, all the festivities are over and I’ll do a short report.

IMG_1786I arrived at the market a little later than I had hoped due to an unforeseen road closure which resulted in a rather long detour. I still arrived early enough to check in and be given a nice spot that stayed in the shade all morning. It was a bright, sunny day with a few clouds and a nice slight breeze that gave us a few good gusts. I didn’t have a tent set up so that wasn’t really an issue for me. I went in knowing that many sellers offered eggs, so I wasn’t sure how our first outing would go, but I boxed up what ended up being 19 dozen chicken eggs and 3 1/2 dozen duck eggs. When I arrived, there was only one other lady set up to sell brown chicken eggs. Then, as things started getting busy, there were several others right around me, selling eggs – mostly chicken, but two others were also selling duck eggs. I just had my little table and our lovely eggs. Many people walked by and commented on how pretty they were, but most had already visited their regular supplier and purchased eggs. Several people picked up our card and I told them I’d be happy to deliver in the Bisbee area on Saturdays since I’m there anyway. A couple said that would be a great idea because they only are able to come to the Market once in a while as they work on Saturdays. Anyway – it’s a novelty, I don’t think there are many offering to do that.  Over all, I think it worked out well for our very first time. We sold 7 dozen chicken eggs. People aren’t really too sure about the duck eggs – except one man was really excited to see that we had Harlequin Duck eggs.  He didn’t purchase any, because they were leaving on vacation, but he did take a card for later reference. Maybe I should make some baked goods with the duck eggs and let people try them, or take deviled duck eggs, so they can see that there isn’t anything odd about them.

My thoughts over all: I think that, if we keep going, we’ll get recognized and people will start looking for us. Many liked the idea that we donate to local food bank(s). I think people like to feel that their purchase has a greater purpose than simply their own needs; in general, people want to help others even if it’s just in some small way. Several asked if we’d be back next week. My reply, “Absolutely!” We’ll keep tabs on how we do over time and, you know, we’ll share that here. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.