This was a really long short week! We were busy in so many ways, and it’s going to continue through the weekend. Here’s a short recap for tonight- I hope to blog from the Bisbee Farmers Market tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.

I think the most exciting thing that happened was that the newest set of baby chickens came! There are 30 in all- they are supposed to be all hens so Sues calling this batch “the layers”. There are four different types, I believe, and then the hatchery threw in 2 extras, one of which is a “fancy”. Right now they are all little balls of fluff. Too cute! I’ll write more about the varieties later- give you the lowdown, so to speak.

The next newest item is that Sue started another project. She’s putting a cold frame off the side of the storage shed so she can have more success starting her trees from seed. And they’ll be able to continue growing through the winter with out fear of freezing. We really only have a few days of freezing temps, but we do get a cold wind that tends to really damage tender little plants. The photo shows the frame of her frame! Maybe she’ll let me start spring veggies in there too! It’s going really well and I think she’s gotten to be a pretty good carpenter!

So- that’s all for tonight. Just a quick catch up. We’ll have the Bisbee report tomorrow. So, until then, as always~

Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: the day was fairly warm but we had lots of puffy, dark clouds. Threats of rain, and rain off in the distance, but none our way.

Egg Report: As the days are getting shorter and shorter, our egg numbers are slowly dwindling. I think our highest count was 26 chicken eggs. Today we had 16. Ducks are still giving us 2 or 3 every day.