There is a great deal of open space here on the property and three or four out buildings in addition to the house… but what we really don’t have a great deal of is storage space. Since we were combining two complete households into one house that doesn’t really have all that much storage area, we’ve ended up with quite a few boxes stacked in the garage. The tractor and its pieces really needs to be in the garage out of the weather, so what the heck are we going to do about this?


Pad in process.

Sue’s solution was to purchase a SeaTrain /Conn-ex Box/ metal storage container thing. We contacted this place in Tucson, Southwest Mobile Storage, that deals in used and refurbished containers – they will deliver almost anywhere in California, Arizona, Colorado, and even Wyoming (they have stores in those states). They will sell them as-is or completely refurbished, and place them for you. He happened to have a quite nice “as-is” container on the premises, looking for a home. On Monday we contacted him to say that we’re interested, and he sent photos of the container. Then Sue said, “Looks good.” He said, “We’ll deliver Thursday morning.” What?! So that means that most of today, Sue spent leveling out a pad for the container.


Our container to be shipped.

Sue thought that the 40′ long trailer would be the best option, so where to put such a large item?  Consensus was to place it on the other side of the Garage that is over by the dinky house. We will be able to easily access it, but it won’t be right in our front yard. It’s blue, so we’ll probably paint it a nice tan so that it sort of blends in. Sue has an idea to use the space between the container and the garage to plant trees of some type. We’ll just IMG_0736 (1)have to see how the sun moves around it during the day… but could be a neat sheltered place to plant~ anyway, that’s a little off topic. Sue paid to have a lock installed, so we won’t have to worry about someone helping their self to anything. Overall, it will allow the garage to be used as a garage, and our stuff to be stored securely and out of the weather. Carlos, the guy helping us from Southwest Mobile Storage, is going to work on the doors in case they’re a bit stubborn, make sure they work smoothly and close easily. Overall, I think it looks in great shape. The inside is nice, there are no holes in the wood floor or anything. It’ll be quite a useful addition, because storage is a good thing! We’ll take some photos when it’s here and in place and share them, maybe on the Facebook page, tomorrow. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: It was still a bit hot today, 84° but the breeze made it quite comfortable. No clouds today. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be windy in Sierra Vista, but – so far – they aren’t giving that same warning for Hereford. We’ll see.

Egg Report: Yesterday we had 13 chicken eggs and 2 duck eggs. Today we had 18 chicken eggs and 2 duck eggs. (I forgot to check the nesting boxes on the littles’ side, so we could end up with one or two more when we put the chickens in tonight.

walking-stick-3.jpgCool Sighting: Here is today’s “find the insect” photo.  You’re looking for a Walking Stick. As a hint: he may, or may not, be a different color than the surrounding vegetation.