I’m traveling this weekend; in Ramona, California to visit my family and friends, and to bury Belle’s ashes in the pet cemetery at the family farm. Many, many beloved pets have their final resting place on the farm, not just our family pets, but several friends’ pets as well.  Belle enjoyed many days at Grandma and Grandpa’s place. She had fun chasing the Turkeys – well, until one flew right over her, and then she simply barked from afar – she enjoyed walks in the orchard, drinking the water from the fish pond, and laying on the front porch watching the humming birds. I think it’s only fitting to bring her ashes back to her second home. Dad made a great grave marker for her and she’ll be at peace under the oak trees. It’s a poignant weekend for me.  Anyway~

roostWhen I travel, I try really hard to keep up the blog, but things happen – a lot! So here I am a day late. Sitting at Starbucks in Ramona, because the library isn’t open yet, plus there’s coffee. Sue has been keeping me up on the goings on at the Farm. Yesterday she installed a much needed additional roost on the Little’s side of the coop.  She went in at night to shut them in only to find quite a few of the Banty Cochins swingerroosting up in the rafters. In the morning one had flown down on the wrong side of the coop and was incredibly happy to see Sue walk in. Sue said she came right to her wanting to be picked up and delivered back to relative safety.  So, she decided that there was another roost needed on that side. They do like to be pretty high!  She also walked in to find another funny sight.  We have a bungie cord hanging from hooks dangling from the roof.  It’s just there temporarily to keep it out of the way and so we know where it is when we need it again.  One of the Layers was sitting on it swinging! Too funny.  So, looks like we’re going to need to make some chicken swings after all!  Sorry I missed that, but Sue was great at getting a photo of it. I usually go out there without my phone, for some reason, and regret it later!
Sue also put mulch on all the trees in the front yard – our neighbor Tom dropped off a load on Wednesday –  Sue’s doing all the watering while I’m gone as well. Lots to keep up!

IMG_2181While I’m away, I try to see at least one thing that has something to do with our overall goal of providing whole food to those who wouldn’t necessarily be able to purchase it elsewhere, or supplying food to the food banks, etc.  So, I had heard – through one of my Ramona friends on Facebook – that the First Congregational Church was receiving their food distribution Friday morning. I was invited to be there with them.  So, I did stop by – I needed to do some egg delivery to people involved in that anyway.  I had a chance to speak with Dolores, Patty, and Art about their distribution as it compared to our POWWOW. They received food from the program “Feeding America” through the auspices of “Feeding San Diego”. They get a deliveryIMG_2176 of fresh vegetables that have been gleaned from local farms. They also pay for a dry goods delivery using funds donated from local civic organizations like the Lyons Club. Then on Friday – at the same time the elementary school across the street lets out – they hold a free farmer’s market. People can come and receive the food for free. They save a portion of the the produce and take it, the next day, to a local Senior Mobile Home Park, and do the same thing.  Set it up, and people can come receive the food for free!  It is a great contribution for the community at large. One of the worker’s son has ducks and often brings duck eggs to be distributed at the Senior Mobile Home park. That’s a wonderful food addition – and one that is close to my heart. I love learning about what is happening in communities to help distribute food that would normally find its way into the refuse dumps, and to reach out to those who may not be eating very well. I think our POWWOW at home is happening today, I’m not there to help this week, but I know that 100’s of people will benefit from that wonderful program as well. Churches, civic organizations, and regular people like you and I, do make a difference in this world and do have positive effects in the lives of others. We will continue to strive to do this and we are happy to take you along for the ride. Remember, if you want to assist us in achieving these goals, visit the page entitled “Dreaming into Reality” and see how you might be able assist. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Well, not being there I have to rely on my phone: NOAA says it’s currently 42° and clear. That’s what it was at my folks in Ramona this morning – guess I’m not missing much!

Egg Report: Thursday Sue picked up 15 chicken eggs and one faithful Duck egg!  Friday night, only 8 chicken eggs… I don’t think there was a duck egg.