IMG_2190Things always keep going, no matter what.  Even if they are little things.  Or nature – type things. While I was out in California, it seems we had some weather. Sue said that it rained for a couple of days – snowed in the mountains just above us. First snow of the season, really.  It’s been quite cold at night; this morning I ended up having to scrape the windshield. We really needed the rain, so I’m glad we were blessed. I’m also glad that I didn’t end up driving home in any type of rainy weather. Sure makes for a pretty view.

rollsI guess because of the rainy weather, Sue decided to make sticky rolls for the first time ever. They looked great, and tasted even better.  I’m glad she saved me one, it was the perfect thing after a long drive.  Lovely.

Yesterday, Sue took one of our Army boys and a friend of his up to the Tucson airport so that they could go home for the Holidays. Because I was gone – along with my car – , and three people don’t really fit into her truck very well… she traded vehicles with our friends Ron and Kathy. She took their van, the boys were able to ride in comfort and fit their duffels in as well. Ron and Kathy were able to use Sue’s truck to haul some debris. Win win. Then it was even more win win when they gave Sue a lot of leaves and small cuttings etc. She added the leaves to the pond.

Today was a quiet day, relatively, as well.  The county called Sue to come get leaves, so those went into the pond as well.  Then, as it is Tuesday, she went to pick up manure from the Zimmermans. She was also doing some research on-line, trying to find something to help protect the saplings we want to plant from the desiccating winds. She found something, but not very many suppliers in the U.S. So, she sent the company an e-mail to see if they would send directly. We’ll see. So – as you see, stuff going on. Not huge stuff, not really exciting stuff, but stuff none the less. We are also trying to gear up for Christmas, so things’re going on…  we’ll try to keep you updated as we plod through. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s weather: Cold. No rain or snow though. Just clear. Currently its 52° at 5:21 p.m. I missed Sunset, so that’s down already. Sunrise is gonna be at 7:15 a.m. tomorrow.

Egg Report: We have several days to bring us up to date. Saturday :13 chicken eggs and 0 duck.  Sunday: 1 duck egg and 9 chicken eggs. Monday: 1 duck egg and 12 chicken eggs. Today: 1 duck egg and 13 chicken eggs.