IMG_2199Sue is really good at building and rebuilding things, re-purposing, re-using, re-configuring. It happens on and off… build something that the ducks don’t like and repurpose it for the chickens.  Build something as a tractor, reuse it as a shade shelter, or in this case. Take something that was a tractor, then made into an above the ground shelter and now repurpose it back into a tractor.  The photo shows the tractor on it’s back, the legs have already come off and then Sue’ll begin to take the chicken wire from the bottom. This one sits right on the ground, so she didn’t want the chickens to tear up their feet as they try to scratch through wire.  We’ll be moving it out near the “leaf pond”, setting up a fence around it and putting the Banties out there to have some fun in those leaves. We’ll put hay down inside the tractor and surround it with hay bales as well. Eventually, we may be able to let them out of the fencing to free range in the yard – even just an hour to begin with.  They’d love it and they could help with bug control in the spring. We’ll see how it goes.

IMG_2200“So, what’s the ‘leaf pond’ you ask? Well – we talked about this a few weeks back, but the photo then just had a few bags of leaves in the pond.  Now this shows an estimated 45 bags of leaves plus 3 large garbage cans and 3 totes worth of leaves and cuttings.  There is still room for at least that much more, but it is beginning to show some signs of filling. You don’t really realize the volume of something like this pond, until you begin to attempt filling it. This will be the chicken playground for the late winter/early spring 🙂  I think they’ll really enjoy it. A few weeks ago we laid out the newest electric fence to see if it would go around the pond, and it does – with room to spare.  Should be an interesting experiment. We’ll post the results when we can. Until then, as always~
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Today’s Weather: It was 34° when I left for work this morning at around 6:30. Brrr. Seemed much colder than that though. Sue said it took a while for it to warm up at all. Sun felt nice this afternoon as we were doing the chickens, but now it has sunk behind the mountain and it cools down fast. Currently it’s 62° at 4:30 p.m.  High today went all the way to 64°.  Sunset is around 5:21.  Tomorrow’s sunrise around 7:15.

Egg Report: Today was a low day… 9 eggs and no duck egg(s).

Cool Sighting: When Sue first moved here, there was a Road Runner that she saw often, but we hadn’t had a visit in a long while. Yesterday afternoon, when she went over to feed the goat boys, there was a Road Runner poking around the wood pile at the dinky house. Can you make it out? Pretty cool that he/she is back.
road runner