New-Year-2018A new year, indeed. Did you know that 2018 is the year of the dog? But it doesn’t start really until February 16th, so we’re technically still in the year of the Rooster. Both actually suit us just fine, I suppose. As far as new things happening… there aren’t that many. As I write this, both Sue and I are battling the flu that has been so pervasive in the community. We’ve been fighting through out the holidays, I believe. Sue thought she was over it, but it kind of rebounds on you. As I write this, I am sipping a hot toddy and Sue is taking a nap, before we go to choir rehearsal where she is going to be the substitute pianist tonight. I’m supposed to be rehearsing a solo in a song tonight, so we’ll see how well we both do. We had to make a midnight run to the airport last night to pick up a solider flying in from Virginia and take him back to Fort Huachuca. It has about done us in! We’ve done well just keeping up on the normal stuff!

This morning Sue was able to pick up several more bales of hay for the chicken yards. Dustin came over, while I was at work, and helped her distribute them to the three separate areas. The chickens really enjoy pecking around in them and such. Plus the bales are nice wind breaks in the coops.  Yesterday, Sue also picked up bags of leaves from the county again and manure from our neighbors the Zimmermans. She’s functioning really well! I’m just a sleeping fool. I guess that’s how you get rid of it, right? Who knows. I’m sure as this week progresses we’ll have a better update for you. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading! And Happy New Year, to you and yours!

Today’s Weather:  It’s actually been quite weird, still cold in the mornings, warming up towards the afternoons. Today it was 48°, I think, when we were out doing the chores around 7 this morning. Currently it’s 58° at 5:45 p.m. Overnight low will be around 40° with a slight chance of showers starting around 2am, growing more likely through the morning. We’ll see – yesterday there were no signs of rain; however, we would gladly welcome it here!

Egg Report: We’re still in the bleak midwinter, so to speak, so our egg number continue to vary greatly. So far this year we’ve had: on Monday – 1 duck, 9 chicken, on Tuesday – 0 Duck and 10 chicken (one very soft shell), and today – 1 Duck and 11 chicken (plus one that was eaten this afternoon).