Gravel moving, from the worker’s point of view

Sorry there wasn’t a post last night; we were having dinner with some friends. Celebrating  a work share partnering – short term. I mean, it wasn’t really a celebration specifically for that, it was just a gathering of friends over a turkey dinner…. but Sue had been working with our friends Ron and Kathy – doing some heavy manual labor – moving gravel from their back yard, which will allow them to put down landscaping cloth, and then put the rocks back down, hopefully keeping the weeds out.  Anyway, Sue had made this bargain with Ron that she’d help him move his rocks, if he’ll come and help her build the Chicken Trailer.  He immediately said, “Deal!” So, she worked with him several days this week – and they invited us over for Turkey dinner on Friday. We immediately said, “Deal!”pouletsWe had a wonderful time with them and enjoyed our meal immensely. Later tonight, we’ll be joining our neighbors, Bruno and Gloria, for a chicken dinner.  We gave them a chicken, they invited us to come for a Jacques Pepin inspired Chicken Dinner. We immediately said, “Deal!”  I especially like that ~ give someone a beautifully processed chicken and they turn it into a gourmet meal for you; who in their right mind would turn that down?  (Oh, and – by the way – if anyone is wondering what they might be able to get me for my birthday, see photo at left 🙂 )  I just really like sharing with our friends, sharing in the labor – especially if its Sue doing the labor (just kidding) and sharing in the fruits of our labors.  Gloria and Bruno are also the couple of have gifted us with the wonderful wild caught Alaskan Salmon and Halibut. Soooo tasty!


Not Randy, but we forgot to take photos

Earlier today, our newest friends Randy and Janet came to do some chainsawing.  Well, Randy did the chainsaw work, Sue supervised, Janet and I hung out in the house while I made lunch and cooked cinnamon  rolls that Sue put together early this morning. Randy worked for about 3 hours! Cutting up dead oak branches and basically cleaning up the trees which are recovering after the Monument Fire several years ago. We needed to do something badly and we just happened to hear, over breakfast last Sunday, that Randy used to be a logger.  He said he missed working with the chainsaw and we said, have we got something for you! We said he could come over and work with his chainsaw as much as he wanted and we’d feed him or something.  He immediately said, “Deal!”  Isn’t neat how these things tend to come together? We still have some more too do, especially some “pruning” on the trees around the dinky house.  We told Randy he could come by any time. Next time, we’ll take some photos.  Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather:  Today’s high was 79°,  that must have been in sheltered areas in the direct sun – because it never really felt that warm.  We’ve had a constant breeze gusting at around 7 mph, all day.  Looks like the overnight low is forecast at around 36° and tomorrow’s high will only be about 66°.  No rain any time soon.

Egg Report: Yesterday we had 9 chicken eggs, zero duck.  Today we had 11, but one was pecked; again, zero duck.

Side Note: I’ll be traveling for a few days for work – headed to the Windy City (in January! Please send warm thoughts my way, would ya?) I try to visit someplace that has something to do with gardening or Permaculture or something related, but I haven’t really found anything yet.  I’ll try to do something, but I may not be posting until I return on Wednesday. See you then!