As you may remember, I was in Chicago a few days this week and haven’t been around to help with anything! But you know that life still goes on every day back on the farm. Sue was home tending to chickens, ducks, goose, goats, dogs and cats, while I was out goofing around for the day job. Sue also continued helping our friends Kathy and Ron move their rocks and as part of their work-share deal.  I stole some photos from Kathy that show a bit of what they’re doing.   

They won’t be able to use the tractor again to move the rocks on top of the landscape cloth, so they’ve begun the long arduous job of moving them back on by hand. Sue said that they did enough Tuesday to keep the cloth from blowing away, but that Ron and Kathy had some young visitors coming soon who may be able to help with the final process.  This means that Ron will come on Monday to begin the process of creating the chicken mobile home! Before then we’ll be painting or water proofing all the wood that’ll be used. We’ll see how that goes.

img_2289.jpgToday, Sue went to bring another load of leaves back from the County guys. I don’t know how may there were, altogether, but she put a pile in with the littles and a huge pile in with the biggies so they could all have some fun rummaging around in them.  When I came home in the late afternoon, I snapped a couple of photos. The littles were very skeptical of this new pile of IMG_2293leaves. The little rooster, who I call Mr. Mister, was doing his best to encourage the little layers to engage with the pile… he would hold up a leaf and just cluck his little heart out, but it took them a very long time to want to come around and play. On the other side of things… the biggies had their huge pile leveled in no time flat. I wasn’t in time to get the “before” photo, but here’s the “after”. I know, you’re probably saying, “Pile? What pile?” and to that I say, “Exactly.”

If you remember, I mentioned that I was trying to find something to see or do in Chicago that was somehow related to what we’re trying to accomplish here. Well, I did find something, quite by accident, and it is happening right in the National Association of Realtors®’ office building! I’ll tell you about that next time. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Quite nice actually.  Seems really warm after being in the cold climes of Chicago. Right now, at 6:28 p.m., it is 62° outside.  I don’t think it ever got out of the 40’s while I was visiting the Windy City.  Looks like the low tonight is going to be 41°.  I just wish we had some rain on the horizon.IMG_2301

The Egg Report: I haven’t been around to do anything with the eggs for a few days. Not sure if Sue has combined them or anything.  But here’s a look at what we’ve got so far. I think the eggs in the bucket might be from today, and she didn’t want to mix them with the others.