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Floor down!

The second part of Sue’s “deal” with our friend, Ron, began today. They have started construction on the Mobile Chicken Coop. I’m not exactly sure what we’re going to call it. I like “The Romni Chicken Wagon,” but we’ll probably settle on something quite mundane, like “The Chicken Trailer”.  Can’t you just see it painted red with colorful floral designs, we could hang solar lanterns from the corners and unfurl a shade cloth when it’s not too windy. I think I might be idealizing it a bit,


Actual Romni Wagon

but that is my want. Anyway~ I came home from work and quickly snapped this photo because I said to myself, “Sue has probably been working away and not thinking of taking photos at all! Especially not any action shots with Ron in them.” So this is on the fly shot. Then, she surprised me by sending a photo after they had the floor attached. They did a lot of planning today and figuring out the best way to do the overall project. Then they started out with the floor. Sue had purchased these screws that were supposed to go through the metal frame, but


Sue’s “end of day” photo

they ended up having to drill pilot holes through the metal frame first and then put the screws in through the wood into the frame. Whatever the method, the floor is now attached. Ron’s coming back tomorrow and they may begin framing the structure. I’ve asked Sue to take copious photos of the entire process, so we’ll see how that works out. Until then, as always~
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Warm weather bath sharing

Today’s Weather: It was a really nice day today looks like 72° was the high, currently – at 6:27 p.m., it is 66°. Our lows overnight continue to be in the high 30’s; tonight the overnight low is going to 37°. No rain in the forecast.  Our winds stem from the west, currently at 11 mph, gusting to 18 mph.  The warmer weather has the fowl in great moods – it’s like they can sense spring is right around the corner. Even Roma was in the mood to share the little black pool with her favorite duck. I was cleaning out the kiddie pools, so they were looking for a good place for a clean soak. Sue was able to capture this from outside the fence… Roma always seems to know when you’re trying to catch a photo of her.


Just looks like spring!

Egg report: So… our egg numbers continue to fluctuate… it doesn’t help when I drop the things. Happens almost every day – except today. Over the weekend, this is how we fared: Saturday we had 7 chicken with one 1 broken, 1 new duck. Sunday zero duck, 10 eggs with 1 broken, zero duck. Today, we still didn’t have any duck, but collected 10 eggs, and I didn’t drop any. Also, shot this right quick while picking up eggs this afternoon… doesn’t it just look like spring?! I love the colors we’re getting. No two eggs are alike at all. We even have someone laying light beige eggs with brown spots; very cute.