romni wagon starts

Wagon Starts

I think we might be talking about this often in the coming days and weeks, but my dad specifically asked for an update on this project when I spoke with him yesterday… so, here you go Dad! Our friend, Ron, came and worked all day with Sue again yesterday. Even though they had friends flying in for a few days’ visit that afternoon (Kathy took the trip to Tucson by herself – Thank you, Kathy, for giving us Ron for the day).

Romni Wagon w Ron

Ron, working his magic

I think they started out by painting at least part of the studs. Then they went about the measuring, planning and cutting. Then attaching the studs securely to the frame of the trailer. I believe that Ron has been a huge help and is giving Sue the confidence that this project can actually be completed!  I think they’re doing a smashing job and that, in a couple of weeks, we’ll have an amazingly sturdy, warm, traveling coop for the romni wagon ribslayers.   I say “a couple of weeks”, because they can’t work on it every single day. Take today for instance; Ron and Kathy – who have company, remember – held an “E-Day” luncheon at their home today (has something to do with the Euler’s Number, 2.718), so there couldn’t really be time to work on it then. Plus, Sue goes with the church’s Outreach Department to collect food that is donated by the county on the first Wednesday of each month. Tomorrow, Sue will be dispatching the roosters in the morning – hopefully, if the weather cooperates for a change – and Ron will be out with their friends hiking and visiting neat places in the County.  So, the next work day for the wagon will be Friday. They ended yesterday with around a third of the studs up! I think it’s going really well!  And I just want you to know that I think Sue’s doing an excellent job of getting photos taken 🙂  Friday we’ll show you some more progress and talk about the processing and prepping of the roosters. Until then, as always~
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Today’s Weather: I am so tempted to just continue to add snap shots of our weather station here. Would that be rude? So, today’s high was 78°, looks like our overnight low will be around 43°. Winds have been low: 5 mph tops. No rain insight but we have 24% humidity… doesn’t feel like it, feels rather dry.

Egg Report: Yesterday we had 12 chicken eggs, plus 1 duck!!! I really thought we were starting to take off; however, today we only had had 5 chicken eggs (one of those was eaten!), but we did get another duck! [6:24 p.m. Quick update before I head out to choir rehearsal… just put the chickens in and picked up 8 more eggs (two were severely cracked – so I may have interrupted an eater!), so that brings today’s chicken egg total up to 13, surpassing yesterday’s total!]

Cool Thing: Ok, you may have been reading today’s blog and thought, “Why would friends visit out there?” Well, let me tell you – there is some really cool stuff to see here!!! Take a look at this video – if I can embed it correctly – maybe you’ll want to visit us too. We’re always open for visitors!