Oh my heck! It has been so incredibly windy the last 3 days. It’s been amazing. I should have taken a photo of our weather station, because we had a 40 mph gust at around 10:30 Saturday night that shook the whole dang house. Was honestly reminiscent of some earthquakes I’ve sat through. I thought that maybe a good way to show you how fast the gusts are was to take a video of our wind meter (anemometer) going like crazy! The wind speed it measured just then was 36 mph. This type of wind that goes on for days, is exactly why they are building the Romni Chicken Wagon so solidly. hurrican tiesEven though it was windy all day long today, Sue was out doing some buttoning up on the RCW. She finished adding the “Hurricane Ties” to all of the rafters, and she finished screwing the wall panels to the studs. This thing is going to have with withstand pretty high, sustained winds, so they are putting extra of everything on it. In this photo yousreusing the vents can more easily see the vents that they are reusing as well. Here is a detail – you can almost see the plan they’re using, drawn on one of the sheets of plywood 🙂 The project may continue later this week – it truly depends on the weather; it may begin raining on Wednesday, until then we’re supposed to be expecting high winds. **This just in: Ron’s coming over tomorrow around 9:30. They are going to try to add the end walls.** so things will continue.

The weather has been difficult for just about everyone this weekend. The chickens have been spending the majority of their time inside the coops or shelters and registering their displeasure by not paying very much at all. The plants and vegetables have been stressed lately as well; they dry out so quickly and get blown around all over the place. I’m trying to keep the poor lime tree from getting wind burnt, since all the leaves were eaten this summer by the grasshopper infestation- but the covering on it is really pulling it around hard. I’m not sure the poor little tree is going to make it. Despite all the wind harassment, many vegetables are doing well! The broccoli are putting little heads and the cilantro continues to grow bigger and bigger! The bulbs that mom gave us are doing well too- I hope they wait to bloom until the winds are gone for a bit. We are being impacted by the wind too- sleeping less, aching more as the weather fluctuates, it is impeding projects, it messes with cell signals, and really screws up our WiFi signal and that is making it difficult to watch the Olympics. The hardships- I tell ya! It should be getting better tho’- especially if it rains sometime this week. If it does, you know I won’t miss my opportunity to share the new rain gauge info with you. Until then, as always ~ Thanks for reading!

Today’s weather: see above :). It was 64 for the high today, but it felt a great deal cooler due to the wind.

Egg Report: As mentioned previously we had lower counts this weekend. Saturday we had 1 duck and 10 Chicken; Sunday, after a horribly windy night, we had 8 chicken eggs, zero duck; today we actually ended up with a goodly number of 11 chicken, but no duck.

Note: I completed this post on my phone, so there really isn’t an opportunity to format much.