IMG_2366The winds that is. Every time I think we’ve seen the highest winds, they get higher! Today we caught a high of 54 mph as it was showing on the weather station.  At another time, I think the meter was overwhelmed because we had an amazingly strong gust, which did some minor damage around outside, and it never moved from 28 mph. We’ve had a slight chance of rain all day, and have had some; right now it shows we have around 41% chance of rain, but the humidity has dropped a bit in the last couple of hours. We might not have a respite from the wind until late tonight or early tomorrow. 

trailer tiltThis evening, as we were eating dinner, that huge gust I mentioned just tore past the house.  We heard some things go flying…  Sue went out to take a look around. Came back in and said, “It’s amazing your car didn’t get crunched!” Seems that the Weber grill took flight, the huge gas BBQ was toppled, boards that we had weighted down with bricks and rocks took flight – one struck the tree just behind and to the left of my car, knocking tonguesome small branches out of the tree – and the RCW was blown off of it’s jack feet. Tongue down into the dirt. If you look closely at the photo, you can see that it’s been moved 3 feet down the way. Those back jack feet didn’t start out on the wood.  We’ve put some bricks in front and in back of the tires hoping to keep it from rolling. The tongue is dug down into the dirt now as well. We just can’t pick it up, the two of us; we’ll need to jack it back up.  Right now the winds are too high for us to try too much – recipe for disaster.  Sue says, “Well, we’re still in Kansas!” If we end up in Oz, we’ll try to find a wifi signal to continue updates. Until then, as always, Thanks for reading!

Today’s (other) Weather: The high was 59° – but the winds always make it feel colder. Sunset is at 6:10, tomorrow’s sunrise 6:57.  We had another .78″ of rain in the last 24 hours, but looks like things will be clearing tonight and tomorrow. Over night low may be around 37°, but our friends Ron and Kathy were saying that they heard it was going to freeze. I covered the lemon tree, just in case, but my hope and prayer is that the wind dies down and the temp doesn’t dip below 37°.

Egg Report: Despite the weather, the chickens have made a valiant attempt to keep their numbers up! Saturday we had zero duck, but 13 chicken eggs. Sunday we 1 duck, 11 chickens eggs, plus 2 eaten. Today we had zero duck, but 11 chicken eggs… and I forgot to report that one of the new banties has been laying for several days.