If you’re a regular follower, you know that we’ve been having weather issues lately; I’ve been harping on it for days now – well today it’s not going to be to focus of the post, simply a minor character. I came home this afternoon, we did the chores, and as I was working on egg packaging I commented, “I don’t want to post about the weather! What else can we talk about?” Well, still the biggest thing going is the RCW (Romney Chicken Wagon – for those wondering), but the weather has been impeding the progress.  So… what to do???

best egg boxWell, Sue broke down the other day and purchased some nesting boxes for the RCW. Usually she makes them herself, so I was surprised to see the receipt in my inbox (I am the keeper of receipts). I think I said something like, “I’m surprised!” because I’m so predictable like that. Here’s the reasoning behind the switch. You know that we’ve been having some difficulty with egg eating chickens; Sue wants to try to squash that propensity even before it rears its ugly head. So, she researched, and ended up purchasing, a Best Nest Box from – surprisingly enough – BestNestBox.com. This egg box has a floor that allows the egg to roll down into a catchment area. This keeps the eggs out of the nesting box and out of reach of potential egg eaters.

In the chicken world, there are always pros and cons to whatever you do. Feed your chickens egg shell or oyster, hay in the nesting boxes or pads, deep litter method or no. The pros for us, with this type of box are twofold: 1) keeps eggs out of reach of nasty egg eaters, 2) keeps eggs quite clean.  We don’t have too much of an issue with eggs getting dirty, unless someone eats one which gets all the others messy. The con is really only the fact that chickens prefer to lay where there are other eggs; with this box, there will never be any other eggs. So we might find that they just don’t use it.  Since it’s going in the RCW, which is destined to have the layers in it, they might use it just fine.  They are layers, not really prone to brooding and may not care. We’ll have to see because, as you know, its all an adventure. Ron is coming tomorrow to help Sue work on the RCW, she’s anxious to get it done and out in the field. Once its done and the nesting boxes are in and the chickens are laying, we’ll do an update on the Best Nest Box. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Better. Not quite as windy, looks like the top wind speed was around 21 mph today.  This morning it was 37° at 5:30 a.m. high was around  58°. Tonight’s overnight low is forecast at 36°.  Tomorrow’s high may be around 57°. Sunset tonight at 6:12 (chickens are going to bed later and later), sunrise at 6:54.

Egg Report: Tuesday we ended up with 10 chicken eggs, but zero duck. Today we had 13 chicken eggs (plus one that was eaten), but zero duck.

disney 50Cool Thing: Well, this week’s cool thing is probably only cool for me! For my 50th birthday, Sue is sending me to Disneyland for a couple of days!!! That is so totally cool! Common! You know it’s cool. Tomorrow I’m boarding a plan in Phoenix, my folks are picking me up at the airport, I visit with them for a day and then Friday, my friend Ray and I head up to Anaheim for a weekend of Happy at the House of Mouse. If you’re in the area, let me know and maybe we can meet-up for a drink in Downtown Disney. I’ll be flying home early in the day on Monday. When I go somewhere, you know I try to visit someplace, or learn something that may have a bearing on what we’re doing here.  I have an inkling of what I might share with you when I get back, we’ll just have to see what actually transpires.  I will try to blog something on Friday. Just don’t know what it’ll be.