Our biggest project this weekend was the processing (finally) of 11 Banty Roosters. But we’re not going to talk about that. (Unless you’re interested in purchasing some Cornish Hen sized chickens – then just leave a note at the bottom of this post- sold 3 already, so let me know quickly.) I will talk about the fact that we moved the Banty hens into the chicken tractor that was recently vacated by the Roosters. They are happier in there than they were in the brooder – plus, tomorrow they’ll be able to roam outside in the leaf pond again. Today those little hens gave us 3 eggs, so the move didn’t seem to negatively affect them at all. The other thing we’ll talk about is the RCW that Ron and Sue worked on today. 

IMG_2430Ron came over this morning to continue finishing the RCW.  They completed to door today – and a smashing good door it is too. Behind the upper portion of the door that is screened in, there is a panel that can be lowered so that, on warm and not so windy days/nights, it can be opened for more ventilation. The Latch has a heavy duty cord that goes into the interiorIMG_2431 so we don’t lock ourselves inside. It’s also nice and heavy duty; the hinges are strong and the corners reinforced. A door that will stand up to the elements! Well, and the chickens. Those buggers peck on everything. Here’s a shot of the inside window portion. It’ll fold flat against the door, so nothing will be able to roost up there… ’cause you know that they would, if given the option. They also planned out the wood cuts for the covering of the wheel wells. Sue’s thinking she’ll be making those cuts tomorrow morning, so that everything is ready to go when Ron comes the next time.

Other than that, this weekend saw the beginning of the spring flowers around here.  Mom had given us tons of bulbs to plant and they are beginning to bloom. The Jonquils look like sunshine on a stem! We also have those heralds of spring, Crocus, coming up and just starting to put out blooms. Also, one little tulip got over anxious and decided to bloom before the stem barely got out of the dirt. It looks like I planted it two feet under the earth… but that just isn’t true. The other tulips haven’t been nearly that silly.  Then there are these other little flowers blooming, several to a stem, but I can’t remember what they are! Anyway, here are some photos for your spring enjoyment. Until next time, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Was really nice by the time I got home. No wind, about 74°. But I understand that prior to that it had been quite windy and somewhat chilly. Looks like tonight’s low is going to be around 34°. Might be around 70° tomorrow under partly cloudy skies. No rain in the immediate future.

Egg Report: Saturday we had TWO goose eggs and 11 chicken eggs, zero duck. Sunday we had 16 chicken eggs only- zero duck, zero goose. Today: 1 goose, a whopping 19 chicken eggs, zero duck, but also zero eaten! Lookin’ good!