armed_to_farm_030615It’s been a quiet day on the farm today. Ron had another engagement elsewhere today, so he couldn’t come over. Which is probably ok, because Sue is feeling a bit dragged out. Going, going, going can kinda wear you out. I’m hoping it’s the weather instability affecting her and that she’s not coming down with some crud that’s been going around. Anyway, nothing new to report on the RCW. It was just a normal day of normal chores and normal errands for greens and feed. HOWEVER, something completely unanticipated – and therefore not normal: Sue received notice today that she was accepted to attend a week long seminar in April, for Veterans who are going into farming! It’s called “Armed to Farm”.

“Armed to Farm” seminars are put on by a company called the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT). Their mission: Helping people by championing small-scale, local and sustainable solutions that reduce poverty, promote healthy communities, and protect natural resources, really dove tails nicely into what we’d like to achieve here. Founded in 1976, NCAT has been promoting sustainable living for over 40 years. They have 6 offices covering different general areas in the US and hold these seminars near the various offices. The one Sue will be attending is going to be at U. C. Davis, outside of Sacramento, CA. They pay for the housing, the classes, transportation to all the field trips and events, plus most of the meals. Sue will just need to get herself there and cover whatever other meals that aren’t included. You have to apply for the program, answer a great deal of questions about your military service, your farming, what you’re looking to learn, etc. Then you wait to see if you’re accepted. Sue was!

NCATOn their website, NCAT describes “Armed to Farm” as “sustainable agriculture training for military veterans.” In Sue’s acceptance letter they expand on the training definitiona a little more by stating: Armed to Farm will be a blend of farm tours and hands-on experience with classroom instruction. Participants will learn about business planning, budgeting, record keeping, marketing, soil health, fruit and vegetable production, and more. Participants will leave the training with a strong foundation in the basic principles of operating a sustainable farming enterprise.

I think it’s just a wonderful opportunity and I’m really excited that Sue’s able to go! After spending some time on NCAT’s website (, I’ve found that they have some great resources that could definately help us out. I can’t wait to see what information Sue brings home. Could be the beginning of a new era for us! We’ll be sure to share the experience with you when she comes back. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: Sue summed it up as “gorgeous”. Nice and warm at 74°. Winds gusting only up to 15 mph. Still under partly cloudy skies.  Overnight low around 46°, possibly warming up to 82°.

Egg Report: Since I brought us up today as of yesterday, we only have today’s report for you. Total eggs today were 21 all Chicken, zero Duck, zero Goose. Still a pretty high count!

Cool Thing: Our cool thing for the week hasn’t happened yet, but we’re anticipating it tomorrow. Our friends Vickie Burch and Caylor Nuth are planning to fly into Ft. Huachuca Municipal Air Field tomorrow morning, spend the day with us, and then fly home. We’ll try to document their visit in photos as much as possible and share it with you on Monday. Fun stuff going on here!!!