Hey! Thanks for logging on to read what’s happening. Yep, we’ve been off-line for a bit – two posts missed. It worries the folks when we’re not on schedule, but it’s a Good Friday to update from the week.  Are you already anticipating what the egg report is going to look like! Maybe I’ll create a table for the week – that’s a good idea, we’ll see what I come up with.  Otherwise here’s the week’s update.

Sue was still recovering while I was away.  She and Ron didn’t work on the RCW  while I was away, as he had company and she just wasn’t feeling well. So, she was able to create 15 new root baskets for the Chestnut trees they are all done and ready to go! Wednesday she felt well enough to work the back hoe most of the day, turning the earth in the marked off sections of the orchard area. All the tree spaces have had the earth loosened for 15 – 20 around where they will be planted. Our neighbor, Tom, has agreed to bring his tractor with an auger over and drill holes for us. Then we’ll put in the mushroom hay we purchased at the Farmers Market and some other compost materials etc. and get the holes ready for planting.

IMG_1438Thursday, Ron was able to come over and Sue was still doing well enough to work on the RCW.  They were able to put in some good finishing work. The added high, small windows/vents on both sides, with coverings that can be opened or closed from the inside, with a wind awning over them. These will help with air circulation as well. In this photo, you can see the window/vent with it’s covering IMG_1437closed. Today, Sue added some wire covering over that to keep things out. They also added that fascia board that you see across the front – the roofing will be screwed into that with a bit of an overhang. They also completed the ramp for the chicken doors on both sides of the wagon. They added a ladder, feet which also double as handles, and side stabilizing boards. They are both very sturdy now and work wonderfully. There are only a few more things that need to be completed now, the biggest things are the roosts, the nesting box(es) and the roof. Then we’ll have a topping off party! Maybe we’ll do a video tour for everyone! That could be fun. Keep an eye out for that.

IMG_2531So we have been having great success with our chickens lately. We’ve been having so many eggs that we’ve prepared to go to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow morning. We have 17 and a half dozen chicken eggs ready to go tomorrow. Some of those are the smaller banty eggs – in the clear containers- just ’cause they’re cute. Also, 2 dozen duck eggs (in 1/2 doz cartons), plus I’m going to take a few goose eggs to see if I can sell them individually. The issue with the goose eggs is that we don’t really have any containers that hold them well. They are just sooo huge! I’m hoping that some people will want to purchase eggs for Easter and the banty and goose eggs could be a novelty purchase. You never know; nothing ventured, nothing gained. I’ll let you know how it goes. Until then, I wish you a blessed Easter and, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: We had a beautiful day today. The high was 82°, but there, was a nice breeze – 5-7 mph – today that kept things cooler. Right now, at 7:29 pm it is 65°, low is forecast at 50° tonight. No clouds or rain on the horizon.

Egg Report: So, we’re a week behind in reporting and the numbers are great – so I did make a little graphic to show the whole week. Enjoy!
Egg Report week of 03242018