I am out of town this week-spending some time in North Carolina at a conference for work, so I am not home helping out or on the front lines of what’s going on. Sue is left to take care of everything and everyone, plus give me the lowdown on the happenings. This blog, today, is just the nitty gritty, no fluff, no photos, info for the hard core followers. I have a few minutes between sessions to take care of the post – using my iPhones, so I won’t have the egg report for Friday- I’m 3 hours ahead of Sue and it’s still 3 hours before she picks up this afternoon’s egg caches. This is the best that I can do.

Tuesday we reported the Chestnut trees into their temporary homes- to make sure they’ll be able to adjust to the area and be as viable as possible when we get them in the ground- hopefully before the monsoons. Sue, while recovering from whatever flu or virus or infection she acquired, has been hard at work making the gopher proof wire baskets that we’ll plant the trees in. I think she just has a few more bottoms to attach and those will be complete. She’s going to talk to Tom to see if we can get home to use his auger to drill the holes in the orchard. Sue will loosen the soil with the backhoe and then Tom can drill the holes that we can then add amendments and compost and straw, etc. I need to layout the drip and figure out what we need to purchase vs. what we already have. So, still have some stuff to take care of in the next 4-6 weeks. But I’m confident that we’ll get there. As we continue to move forward on this project, I’ll be sure to document it. Until then, as always~ Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Sue reports that it’s been really warm lately- in the 80’s. The weather app says that the low tonight is going to be around 50- that’s a very warm low for us. Looks like tomorrow we’re in for some high winds. Sunset will be at 6:34 and sunrise at 6:19.

Egg Report: Wednesday we had 1 goose, 1 duck, and 32 chicken eggs. Thursday: 0 goose, 1 duck, and 35 chicken eggs. I’m hoping Sue will be able to sell some at choir rehearsal Saturday- if she’s feeling well enough to go. Otherwise, we’ll have a huge number to take to the farmer’s market on the following Saturday! Not that that’s a bad thing at all 🙂