IMG_1459OK, so here’s the deal. Ron and Sue worked on the RCW yesterday and got soooo much done! There only two things left to do, so it may be done in the next day or so… then we need to paint it. Here’s a peek at the inside with the IMG_1458nesting box on the right, and the four roosts at the back of the wagon. It looks so very cool in there. It has that illusion where it looks so much bigger on the inside than it does from the outside – like that tent, in Harry Potter. Sue and Ron must have used an undetectable Extension Charm. Here’s a link, in case you just don’t understand anything I’m talking about.

IMG_1455The other additions yesterday were to add the back window. You can see it there (in the photo above) behind the roosts. To the right is a photo of it from the outside; it opens, with hinges at the top, and will be held open with a hook and eye type latch. You can see there is avian wire over the opening, so nothing bad can get in. Ron wanted to make sure the rain stayed out so there is an awning over it as well.  This is going to be IMG_2581the best made RCW in the world! Sue also went ahead and put the avian wire over the other high ventilation windows. They also covered these windows with drawer fronts salvaged from the original trailer. I think that is so awesome. Maybe we can decorate the outside with others and paint them funky colors – just cuz. I come up with ideas like that and Sue just gives me the most interesting looks. Although, that one might not be far from her original idea of using the actual drawers as nesting boxes, so we might be even on that one. 🙂  Let’s get back to the “two things left to do” part. So, the remaining items are the roof… a very important part of any RCW… and the back porch with steps down to the ground (I think). Right now, you step on trailer frame and then up into the RCW – but they want to make it more easily accessible.  I’m all for ease of access. You may see this out in the field some time next week! It is a real possibility.
Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Rather windy, actually. Gusts up to 25 mph, currently wind speed is 4 mph. High was 82°, it’s 80° right now at 5:06 p.m. Humidity is at 20%, no rain on the horizon. Low tonight should be around 52°. Getting on to shorts weather.

Egg Report: Tuesday we had 34 chicken eggs, plus one really soft one, 1 goose and 1 duck. Today we had 37 chicken eggs, 1 duck egg and zero goose eggs.IMG_2440

Cool Thing: So, Sue and Ron aren’t the only ones to be working on a project. Our little Layers have been diligently sculpting a chicken from their bale of hay. It’s a group effort. They take turns. It’s also kind of a zen exercise as well, because they get to a certain point and everything simply falls apart. Literally. Keeps them busy and out of trouble though.