IMG_2587Well, Ron was pretty ill yesterday and wasn’t able to come and work on the RCW; consequently, I don’t have any new information on that. So, yes. Let’s talk about the chestnut orchard. This is a project that is being concurrently worked on from a few different angles. As you know, the trees came and are being temporarily rooted into bright pots from the dollar store. They are quite happy so far, in their temporary homes. As you can see from the photo at right, they are leafing out like CRAZY! When we get them into the ground, they should be well rooted in the dirt. They came to us as bare root trees, that looked like plain ol’ sticks and now they are absolutely full of life. When are we going to plant them, you may ask? We’re not exactly sure.IMG_2586I already let you know that Sue used the back hoe to dig up the perimeter for each tree basin. Recently she’s started to haul the rocks out of the basins – some of them are really large rocks – and generally clearing them out.  Then our neighbor Tom will be coming in to drill the holes – I talked about that a bit too. In this photo, it may be a bit difficult to see, but you should be able make out the two basins in the foreground quite well. See, we measured off 20 ft wells for the trees, marked them on the ground, then Sue went inside that line and roughed up the dirt with the back hoe. You can see the different circles leading off into the distance.  There are 15 of them altogether. Now, our challenge will be to get water to them, so I’m investigating different places to get blue line and other drip irrigation supplies. There aren’t any Irrigation Supply stores here. I miss Ramona Irrigation Supply. But Loews seems to have a nice supply of these items and at reasonable prices – at least on-line. I’ll check out the store very soon and see what they have available. I was quite unimpressed with what I saw at Home Depot, and the prices were horrible.  Anyway, I’ll take care of that very soon and, at the same time, get enough that we can set up drip for the circle garden and get stuff in. It’s gonna take a lot to go throughout the orchard, but once we get it in, we won’t really have to worry too much about it. If we get the Water Seer to work in the orchard in the near future, then we’ll have the drip to use elsewhere… maybe along the fence line when we plan out the oak trees we’ve been growing from acorns.  So many things. It’s truly unending.

I say this all the time, but if you ever want to visit and see the progress first-hand, we’d love to have you share the adventure. If you want to help with a project you’re welcome to do that as well.  If you just want to live vicariously through us, you can visit the “Dreaming Into Reality” page and help by sponsoring all or part of a project. Or you can just hold the whole concept in prayer – or do all of the above! We appreciate your support and we love that you continue to read the blog. If you get the chance, leave us a note; we love it when people say ‘hi’. You know we’ll keep you posted on what is going on as the days, weeks, and months progress. Drop by anytime. Until then, as always~
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Today’s Weather: Nice and warm today. Partly cloudy most of the day with a stiff breeze gusting to winds around 20 mph. 20% humidity, no rain in the forecast. Currently at 5:48 p.m. it is 80°. High was 84° and the low should be around 54°.

Egg Report: Thursday we had goose 0, duck 1, chicken total was 40.  Today we had 0 goose, 1 duck, 37 chicken eggs.   Going to the market tomorrow!