weekendupdateWhat’s been happening? Well, sometimes we kind of forget as the days go on and I really have to sit and think about what we did over the weekend. Some days – like today – that’s more difficult than normal 🙂 .  Does anyone else have this problem?  It might take a few minutes, but let’s try, anyway. 

BFM-LOGOSaturday morning, we packed up 19 1/2 chicken and duck eggs (combined) and 4 goose eggs, to take to the Bisbee Farmer’s Market. It was a really slow day at the market. People began to leave early, but sometimes – towards the end, we get a lot of late risers looking for eggs and if I stick around, I get the business. But by the end of the day, I had only sold 1/2 doz. duck eggs, and 4 doz. chicken eggs. I was a bit bummed. Then, one young man came to talk to me about the really small Bantum eggs we had. He was just interested in talking about the eggs, but he was so excited when I told him I enjoy baking with the duck eggs – his eyes lit up. He said, “You need to go talk to Tom, at Bisbee Good Cakes! He uses all organic ingredients and does specialty goods like gluten free and vegan.” So, I did. After the Market was over, I took him 1/2 doz. duck eggs and explained that someone recommend I speak with him about our eggs. I let him know that we only feed organic food to our chickens and ducks and that we are working hard to get the chickens out on pasture, at the moment they are free range. He asked me if we would be able to supply 10 dozen a week! I jumped on that. I’d love to have a regular buyer for 10 dozen each week! A wonderfully sure thing. He bought all 11 dozen of my remaining chicken eggs, and took the duck eggs to sample. We’re excited about this opportunity and look forward to enjoying some organically created baked goods from Tom.  Check him out on Face Book at the link above.

sweetpotfrittWhen I got home, Sue had been clearing more of the Chestnut Tree wells of rocks. It had become quite a warm, breezy – tending to windy, day. I made dinner and let it cook while we did chores. [I love making this sweet potato sausage frittata when wever I can because it uses a whole dozen eggs – or, in our case 2 dozen bantum eggs (whatever eggs you use, you need 3 cups worth).] We did chores, ate our yummy dinner that was done just in time. Afterwards, we potted 5 Roses of Sharon, and then 10 more Bald Cypress trees. We’re doing really well in the young tree department.  Sue has been ordering them from the Arbor Day Society; they come bare root and look pretty much like sticks, but we’re hoping they begin to leaf out soon. Both of these types of plants are already here, planted in the ground, and growing just fine. So, as long as they survived the shipping process, these Sundaynew little ones should do just as well.

Sunday is our Sabbath, so we didn’t really do work, per se, we simply did what needed to get done. Mostly chores. While Sue was away playing for the retirement home and then on to Bell Choir rehearsal, I watered some of our smaller bushes that are just beginning to leaf out, and worked on the laundry. Interesting, right?

Normal week – here we come. I went to work and Sue went to rehearsal. She came home and took the bottom off the one nesting box she had originally made for the RCW. She also took two of the dividers out to make the spaces inside more duck and goose sized. She and Ron had decided just to use the Best Nesting Box for the RCW, because the one Sue made was pretty big and there really wasn’t enough room for both. So, we talked about re-purposing it for Roma and the Ducks because sometimes they really want to nest under the roosts- then they get pooped on. So, this afternoon, after the chores were done. We placed the new nesting box under the roosts, filled it with some nice nesting straw, and it immediately received attention. At least now they can bed down there at night and have some protection from the overhead poopers!

this-week-red-300x257Guess that’s our weekend and start of the week in a nutshell. Not too sure what this week holds. We were hoping that Ron would be feeling better and that he and Sue could finish the RCW since they are so very close. But he’s got the crud quite badly, and he may not recover enough to put on the finishing touches, before Sue leaves for U. C. Davis. We hope he recovers enough before they need to travel home to Minnesota in a couple of weeks! Sue thinks she could finish the roof herself, maybe Dustin can help her or I certainly can over the weekend or in the evening – that usually doesn’t fly though. We’ll figure it out. We’re also hoping that Tom can come with his auger to drill the Chestnut Tree holes this week. We just never know with his schedule what will be happening. When we do, you know we’ll keep you in the loop. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s weather: Rather warm today with a stiff breeze/wind in the afternoon. It looks like the high was 86°. Currently it is 81°, 19% humidity with a 6mph wind out of the west. No rain on the horizon – actually have a fire watch warning for the next few days. Overnight low showing at 54°.

Weekend Egg Report:  Saturday we had zero goose, zero duck, 42 chicken eggs! Sunday: zero goose, 1 duck, 37 chicken eggs. Today: zero goose, 4 duck eggs, 35 chicken eggs.