I keep saying how wonderful our neighbors are… and its true! When Sue couldn’t walk at all, our neighbor – Monica – brought over her crutches for Sue to use. She even offered Sue the use of her support boot… but Sue had one from when she had her toe surgery. The crutches were so incredibly helpful for Sue, and I think helped save her sanity over the last week. She’s doing better, by the way, no crutches anymore, just in the boot. IMG_2675This morning we had another sweet surprise. Our neighbor, Tom, who owns the landscaping business and has chickens too, brought us over a gift. He had been telling us about the chicken feeders that he made which have zero food waste. We were wanting to go down and see them to see if we could make them ourselves. We hadn’t had time recently to go down a check them out.  Then, this morning he stopped by and handed us one.  As you can see, in the photo at right (Katie Cat included for scale), it is made from PVC; you dump the chicken feed into the top and the chickens poke their head into the bottom to eat. They can’t spread it around to waste it. Tom says he uses three of these for 40 chickens. Sue’s thinking of using it outside of the RCW. We might make a top for it, a cover – you know like a rain umbrella. Depends on if it’ll go inside or outside. What a nice gift. And he even took the time to make that little topper where the chicken pokes its head in. Tom says he fills it up twice a week, and that’s it.  It would also help us during the winds, because the feeding stations we are using now, are completely open and the wind just spreads the feed everywhere.  We’ll test it out and see if they’re smart enough to use them. I suppose if they get hungry enough, they’ll figure it out! When we get them installed somewhere, we’ll share the news here. Until then, as always~
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Today’s Weather: Incredibly windy!  In the last hour it’s been up to 34mph.  Currently it is 74°. Tomorrow’s high will be around 77° and the overnight low will be 52°.  Wind is supposed to drop off around 10pm tonight.

Egg Report: Saturday –   zero goose, zero duck,  29 chicken   Sunday – 1 goose, 2 ducks, 35 chicken.  Monday – zero goose, 2 duck, 41 chicken eggs.  We think Roma got over her broodiness.