rubber duckyWednesday = short day. Thought I’d give you the DL update. Mostly because we just had the duck in for a checkup and that’s on my mind. We’ve continued to let her take a bath in the tub; I haven’t been very good at taking any photos through this whole process, so you’ll have to make do with the rubber ducky in the bubbles. She’s becoming more and more relaxed while in the house and therefore, more and more animated in the bathtub. Next time maybe I’ll remember and take a video – it’s pretty fun! She is definitely making good progress, although there is still a bit of infection present. So, Sue cleaned the foot out and added more Prid to see if we can draw the rest out. We’ll give it a couple of days and look at it again. She still favors it a little, but not nearly as badly as before – she’s putting more and more weight on it as we go through the healing process. silver spangled hambrugWe do have some sad news though, one of the sickly layers passed last week, one of the Reds. She just couldn’t overcome her illness. It’s always sad when that happens. But, I suppose its part of having a larger flock. Some are very hardy, and some are simply more susceptible to sickness.

I also fee that I need to report, Imen is back in her vacation spot. Her sojourn in Gen Pop didn’t last very long at all. I think it might be because she is the only all black chicken that we have. She just sticks out like a sore thumb and she attracts just too much attention.  She ran to me one morning and I picked her up, put her in the vacation spot – she just stayed there with the doors open while I got her food and water. I think she’d like to be back with everyone, but is just run ragged by the roosters. Maybe once the layers go out in the RCW, she’ll be ok with Maeve and Mister-Mister; we might move The Three Sisters back in with them as well.  They sometimes get the run around from the big chickens on the other side. The Three Sisters are Silver Spangled Hamburgs, like those pictured above. They’re more Imen’s size, and like to have more space to themselves – rather than be part of a larger flock; at least that’s what I read about them.

Our other DL addition, Sue, is doing really, really well. No crutches at all anymore. Using the boot to keep her foot protected while waiting for some really good inserts that were recommended by the doctor. She’s been out doing chores and small projects, but continues to elevate and ice her foot throughout the day. So – excellent progress!

We’ll keep updating on things as they go along, so stay tuned. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: We’re on the down side of days and days of high winds and fire watch warnings. Still having gusts in the 30’s this last hour, but they are further and further apart with times of calm.  Our weather station was even forecasting rain at one point yesterday and this morning.  That never really materialized. And it has been incredibly cooler as of late. High today was 69°, but felt a bit colder with the winds. Right now – at 5:36 pm – it is 62°. Tomorrow’s high will be around 70° with the overnight low being 53°. Humidity is 26% at the moment… no more rain on the horizon.

Egg Report: Tuesday- zero goose, 2 duck, 31 chicken. Wednesday – zero goose, one duck, 39 chicken. We were happy when Roma started sitting some duck eggs… but we think she may have encountered some harassment – Sue found one of the duck eggs broken and Roma had moved the others. We have yet to find the hiding place, but she is not sitting on them regularly any longer.  However, the Banties continue their dual and sometimes triple sitting process – one day we even had four of them trying sit the same 5 or 6 eggs. We may get at least a couple of chicks out of it.

Cool thing: We haven’t had a cool thing in awhile now. I’ve searched through my photos to see if there was something I could share, but not really. I can tell you, though, that the lime tree that we all thought was completely dead- after the grasshopper plague, freezing winter, and horribly drying winds – has sent up a new shoot! Amazing. To me, this means there might be hope for the fig tree still 🙂 . We’ll see what happens.