monday-tuesday-wednesday-thursday-blink-monday-coA5Dand… it’s Monday.  Sue and I were just talking about how quickly time files. Days are fleeting in and of themselves, weeks and months melt away. It is amazing to me. Especially when we are trying to get anything accomplished. I know that there are scientific reason why time seems to speed up as you get older, but I can’t always wrap my mind around that. Makes my head hurt some days – yet it fascinates me. I like listening to pod casts about this interesting topic… if you want to explore along with me try Radio Lab: there’s one specific episode I’m thinking of called “Beyond Time” – I’ve given you the link there, also look into Krista Tippett’s show “On Being” – she interviews some pretty cool people who talk about the essence of time. I’m thinking specifically of physicist Brain Greene who said recently, in a conversation with Krista Tippett about “Re-imagining the Cosmos,” (hey! this took me a while to find again – so check it out.) “If you went by your senses, you would think that time is universal. [That] It ticks off the same rate for everyone, regardless of their motion or the gravity that they are experiencing. We know for a fact that that is not true. We all carry our own clock, and it ticks at a rate that is hugely dependent on those features of motion and gravity. So there’s a very long list of things that you would be completely misled by if you relied on your senses to understand how that feature of the world works.”  That sort of stuff blows my mind— I LOVE IT!  Anyway, here we are today, experiencing our own time, through the week, over the weekend, and *blink* we’re at Monday. So. What’s gone on?

Man. This weekend was a bust, for me at least – Sue may actually feel different about it – but nothing seemed to go as I had planned (Oh yes, you can find physicist talking about  that too. Here.). The Farmers’ Markets I had geared up for, were both a bust. The Neighborhood Market, here in Hereford, was cancelled because we were supposed to have winds gusting up to 50mph. YUCK! Who wants to be sitting outside, in the wind, getting sandblasted for three hours. So, ok – hadn’t lost anything yet, because I had never sold at that Market anyway, and I still had Bisbee on Saturday. I did go to Bisbee Saturdayegg-throw-11 morning; there were hardly any vendors there. Don asked me to please stay because he didn’t know who would be actually showing up and he wanted at least one egg vendor. So he put me in a kind of protected spot, but I still had to hold on to my ice-chest to keep it from flying away.  I needed one of these signs. Anyway- I stayed until about 10 and then went to drop eggs off in Bisbee at the GoodCakes Bakery. He usually comes to the Market, but it was too windy for him to set up his tent. So, at least I found his shop in Old Bisbee. Cute area. It’s really great that we can at least count on him purchasing every week. Thank you, Tom.

no more windSue didn’t really get to do anything Saturday either, as the wind was just too much to wrestle with. It drys out all the plants and pots too. We’re watering almost every single day lately. It also blows the chicken feed around, there’s hay flying everywhere, the animals don’t like it, it makes everyone nervous and grumpy.  Sunday is our rest day – thankfully – it was windy too. We are pretty much done with it. It was supposed to done Sunday Night, and it did slack of around 3:00 p.m. Except, here it comes back again today. Sue was able to clean out one side of the chicken coop this morning before it got too windy to do anything. Yay!  We’ll see what tomorrow holds. The Weather Channel weather app and my NOAA weather app don’t say anything about wind really for the rest of the week, but then if you go on-line it does say winds up to 18mph this week. Which usually means 25 or more for us. I just want it to rain.

IMG_2544If you are the praying type. Would you please pray that the winds die down and that the rains make an appearance, finally. My folks are traveling out here in their 5th wheel, so I’d like their passage to be easy, e.g.: NO WIND. So, travel mercies for them would be appreciated. Not much to report today, so we’ll see how things go Tuesday and Wednesday. Tomorrow, Jolene is supposed to come to take care of the goats’ feet. Sue is always helping and I’m generally at work when she comes, so we haven’t been able to share photos of that yet. I’m anxious to hear what Jolene thinks about Thumper and Scooby. 🙂  Maybe Dustin can help get some photos of the whole job, then I’ll share. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s weather: Warm and w-i-n-d-y.  Was still 80° when we went to put up the chickens and goats at 7:00 p.m. Here’s hoping for less wind and less warmth in the days ahead.

Egg Report: Saturday – zero goose, 2 duck, 38 chicken eggs. Sunday – zero goose, 3 duck, 32 chicken eggs. Monday (Today) zero goose, 2 duck, and 33 chicken eggs. Sue is pretty sure she’ll find a stash of goose eggs when she cleans out the biggies’ side of the coop tomorrow. If Roma is laying, she has been hiding them very, very well.