good on the farmI think we’re doing another post about the little things that happen that make up all the big things. Well – and there’s one, or maybe two, big things, along with some medium; they all add up to life on the farm. I liked that bulleted thing we did on Wednesday, so let’s try that again.

  • IMG_1590Little Red Wagon: We’re starting out with one of those big things. Sue continues to work hard to complete the RCW. She ran out of glue for floor tiles, so she started in painting the outside. I love this color of red! It’s hard to tell in the shade, but this is major, fire engine red here. She texted me this photo yesterday and I immediately said, “Makes me want to paint a huge sunflower right on the corner” – to almost cover the door and the right side. I wish I could paint like our friend Caylor; I can see it in my mind’s eye, but I can’t execute like her.  Unfortunately, we’re now in the middle of a three-day wind storm, so no painting for us for a few days.
  • IMG_2707Little Feeder: Do you remember the chicken feeder that our neighbor Tom gifted to us? Well, Sue had made one very similar a while ago to try as a waterer, but that didn’t really work. So she had stuck it away elsewhere.  She brought it out again the other day and put it up on the layers’ side of the coop so they could get used to eating out of something like that.  She was afraid they might not want to use it, but I took this photo Wednesday night. While I was in there, trying very hard to get them to go in so I could make it to choir somewhat on time, several hens were taking turns eating out of it. They were way more interested in eating, than being shut up in the coop. It was nearly 7pm! They enjoy the cool evenings, especially when they are calm.
  • IMG_2720Little Goats: This morning, Sue noticed that some of the metal roofing was coming off of the Goats’ lean-to. So she hauled the small ladder up there and some roofing screws, etc. to attach it back on. She had quite a bit of help from the little goat boys.  They always want to be in the thick of things. goat obys helpingThess are fun photos she took. On the right, Thumper is trying to eath her jacket, and Scooby is trying to climb the ladder that she’s on. On the left, Thumper trying to climb up the ladder with her. It is so hard to get anything done with those two. It takes twice as long if there’s no one there to run interference. This afternoon I cleaned out their crate – where we put them at night – and they were constantly chewing on something; my shorts, my hat, my shoes, the little whisk broom… anything is fair game to them. It’s frustrating, but hilarious at the same time.
  • IMG_2717Little Peep: And here’s our cutest little thing at the moment. The moms have begun to take him/her outside with them on a regular basis. They keep a close eye on the little one while they are out; they form a small triangle around him as they go places. Generally the three that were sitting the eggs stick together to do the babysitting.  It’s a well pampered little thing. I was worried that the rooster might try to kill it, but he has been very good at keeping away so far. Sue says that one of the other hens will try to peck at it, but his mothers do a good job of body checking her away.  It’s kind of fun to have a new little baby around. If it turns out to be a rooster, we’ll keep him over with the four naked girls. But we hope it’s a girl. If that’s the case, we’ll move her over to be with Maeve, Imen, and Mister Mister. Hope it survives the mothering.
  • Brews_Brothers_CoffeeLittle Neighborhood Market: This evening was supposed to be my first appearance out at the Hereford Neighborhood Market which is hosted by the Brews Brothers Coffee Shop. Unfortunately, it had to be cancelled because the prediction for winds between 1pm and 9pm was up to 55 mph. Kinda hard to hold an outdoor market under those conditions. I hope they have space for us next week. I’d love to be able to sell eggs right here in our own town! Although I do enjoy going to Bisbee, there are a lot of other small farms that sell eggs there as well.
  • That’s all the “little” stuff. Hope everyone has a great weekend. We’ll be back on Monday. Until then, as always~
    Thanks for reading!



Today’s Weather: In a word; windy. Still pretty warm. High was 90° and right now (5:30p.m.) it is still registering 89°. We’re drying up because of the wind and we are still in Fire Watch Warning mode until after the weekend. Overnight low will be around 63° and tomorrow’s high is predicted at 86°.

Egg Report: Yesterday (Thursday) – zero goose, 2 duck, 35 chicken eggs. Today (Friday) – zero goose, 2 ducks, 42 chicken eggs.  Sue found a stash today, in the woodpile outside the fence.  The little red chicken that kept getting out must have been getting out to lay her eggs. There were around 8 eggs altogether, but they were way old, probably a month.  I tested them, all floaters. Sue tossed them out into the field.