Write no this evening from the midst of the Neighborhood Market. This is our second time here, still trying out. Lots of really great vendors with fun stuff to eat/make/purchase. Lovely customers coming for the very first time and liking what they see! So far, I think this little trailer is my favorite. I haven’t tried any of her baked goods, but saw this little trailer and it made me think of my friend Caylor… she could totally pull off a trailer makeover like this. Has a great little kitchen in there. So fun! There areimg_2760-1 only two problems with being the only one at the booth: it’s difficult to visit the other booths and you don’t have anyone to give me a potty break! Last week Mom was here to help- so I was fine. Then miss Holly came by with Gus and Jack- so I could even go and eat! Need to make a friend here :). Plus, I need someone to help me with my sign. The wind was drying out my chalk pen before I was halfway done with the wording. Hey! wait, there are Holly and Mrs. Higbee with the whole family. Thank you, Mrs. Higbee, for giving me a potty break! Now I’m back, and- Look! Sue came to check everything out. Cool, maybe I can talk her into buying me a cookie from that cute little trailer.

rs=w_538,h_269,cg_trueHome now, and it was a really great Market today. Sold twice as many eggs as last week. Definitely made our booth fee, so I’m happy with that. Made a couple of really good connections customer wise; one gentleman very excited to be able to buy fresh local eggs – wants to get a couple of dozen each week! Nice when that happens. Also, had a great lady set up to one side of me who makes natural cleaning products – she had this really neat one for bugs that smelled just delicious. We’re going to buy a big glass spray bottle and bring it to her to fill up! Works on people, pets, and plants! Ok, enough about the market, let’s get on with the week’s newer events.

Fan fare, please! Sue completed the RCW today!!! She finished the flooring yesterday and then – because the weather decided to be so cooperative – she was able to finish painting it today.  So exciting. Not sure when we’re going to position it in the field, I think I remember her saying something about needing a jack. Can’t remember. But that will be very, very, soon. I’ll have some photos of that to share. She didn’t take any, since we’ve already seen it – she said – and I forgot to go out there during the daylight. So, we’ll have to share those on the facebook page, or something.

smmarketingSue took a webinar today on Social Media use in advertising and business. She said it was a good overview, but didn’t really teach exactly how to do what they were promoting, only that these were the good things. Those being Facebook, then Instagram, then Twitter.  ATTRA has it on their website, if you’re interested. attra.ncat.org. I’m gonna check it out to see if there is anything we might want to add… although, I have a difficult enough time trying to keep up with Face Book and the blog- don’t think I really want to add a couple more. All that stuff takes a lot of time.

Yesterday, we had a bit of a shock. Went to put the chickens in for the night and found Mr. Long Legs, one of the new layers – the only rooster- dead in the middle of the coop. No apparent struggle, just laid out flat; maybe he had a heart attack? I have no idea. So unexpected – he was fine just a couple hours before. I have a difficult time with that sort of thing. I know it comes with the territory, but I still don’t handle it well.

google_plus_diy_pestWhat’s the other news? I guess it’s that Sue’s been catching mice – in live traps – dozens at a time. She purchased them on-line, from Do-It-Yourself Pest Control. They are really heavy duty, and will last us a long time. She sets them up in the afternoon and by morning they are full of critters. I knew we had mice, but oh my gosh! Who knew that we had so many generations. No wonder the doves’ food was disappearing at such a high rate. Jeezo-pete.  Hopefully, this will help us out in that area.

Memorial-Day-2018.pngThat’s all the news I can come up with at the moment. It’s a long weekend and I’m not exactly sure what we’re going to have planned. Bisbee Market tomorrow morning, of that I’m sure. We might go up to Cevano Nursery and look at their “ugly tree sale” – it’s what they call it. We might be able to lay out the drip for the orchard and the garden. So many possibilities. Whatever we decide to do, we will definitely pause to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country. We hope you are able to do the same. We’ll catch up with you after the holiday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: HOT! Breezy. It was 95 when I got home today around 2:15 p.m.  Currently at 9:13 p.m., it is 78° with a stiff wind, still getting gusts up to 15 mph. Our overnight low is supposed to be 61° and tomorrow’s high is at 93°.

Egg Report: Thursday –  1 duck egg, 31 chicken eggs.   Friday – 2 duck eggs, 36 chicken eggs.  Our normal is in the low to mid 30’s, so we’re doing go.