We are so very close to Monsoon season, I can truly feel it! It is so darn hot and muggy – that’s the feeling it part. The clouds are also making monumental appearances each day, there just hasn’t been any rain. We are praying for rain, daily… we are living in a dry and thirsty land at the moment just waiting to bless the rain. As I’ve been thinking about that, it’s funny that a friend of mine and I had a long text exchange about that song by Toto, “Africa”. I’ve embedded my favorite cover of it above…  right before the rains begin, this song runs through my mind. Enjoy.


Strong wind gusts and rain slam into vendors as they battle to catch their respective canopies at Friday afternoon’s Neighborhood Market on State Route 92 and Ramsey Road.                                    

Last Friday, when I was out of town, we had the first rain; I guess it hit really hard in Hereford during the Neighborhood Market, where I’ve been vending for the past few weeks. It was so bad that many people lost their tents and lost product due to winds, had product ruined because of the driving rains, and couldn’t get out of the weather fast enough. So, now the Friday evening market is going to be food trucks only. The Farmer’s Market side of it is moving to Saturday mornings. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about that. The winds start up around 9am, so we don’t think it’ll really make that much of a difference. And we’re just starting to be recognized and looked for at the Bisbee market which also happens on Saturday mornings – and that’s where I usually give Tom, the baker, his eggs. I think I’ll try it once or twice and see which place gives me the most sales.  I really liked being able to attend two markets. So, we’ll just see how it goes.

IMG_2895One thing about being gone and missing two Market days is, there are almost 2 weeks worth of eggs to box and sell! The eggs were piling up all over and filling up bowls and buckets and tubs! So today we boxed everything up to make room for more. We ended up with 24 dozen eggs to sell, 3 1/2 dozen (+3 eggs) for the food bank, 1 1/2 dozen for us to eat, and 5 too cracked or broken for us that the dogs will get. Takes a while to go through that many eggs, but they are now ready for the Bisbee Farmer’s Market on Saturday. I’ve now used up all our teal colored egg cartons! The smaller cartons I purchased for the banty eggs are still a bit too big, think I need to get some quail sized cartons for those. The new duck egg cartons are working just fine.  I think, when I’ve used up all the various plain cartons I have now, I’m going to order the kind that are octagonal. Here’s a photo at right, but we would get the plain kind so we can add our own logo. These are called “The Incredible Egg Carton”; they’re new. They hold a dozen eggs and are made out of 100% recycled paper pulp. ThereFHP-INC-PU-1-3 really are some other very interesting and artsy egg carton designs out there. Check these designs out. No, really… check them out. Click on that link, darn it! Do it!  (Thanks. Aren’t you glad you clicked?) I would totally order some of these really cool designs, if money were no object. Unfortunately, it is – so, oh well. Sue is always saying, “When I’m rich and famous….”, so, I’m gonna go ahead and add ‘dream cartons’ to that list. We’ll be sure and let you know when that happens. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s weather: Well, we kind of talked about that. It’s been hot and muggy. Today, when I got home around 2:30 it was 96°, but continued to get hotter for a few hours, all the way up to 102°. Clouds were in and out all day, no rain.

Egg Report: Tuesday = goose egg for the goose eggs still, 2 ducks, 29 chicken eggs. Wednesday = zero goose, 1 duck, 25 chicken eggs.

Cool Thing:  Sue captured the first Tarantula sighting of the summer.  Can you find him? Almost the exact color as the dirt. I couldn’t find him. Good luck.