Dfr01L1WkAAgx2mWe are happy today; we’ve been getting wet stuff from the sky off and on for the last couple of days, and it is supposed to continue on into tomorrow. Sue got completely soaked today while doing the chores. Guess it was pouring, but I missed that. We’re in the zone of this Tropical Storm ‘Bud’ that is getting a nice amount of rain. I thought that, since I spend so much time lamenting the fact that we’ve been dry, dry, dry; I’d share when we’re actually getting the good stuff! Thank you, God, for pushing Tropical Storm ‘Bud’ our way.  Great way to start the 2018 Monsoon Season.

Speaking of water (rain), I went to an interesting Community Water Shed meeting last night. I went because one of our Association Members passed the information along that there would be discussion about the BLM’s plans to shut off private water wells in order to obtain 44,000 acre feet of water. Thought this would indeed be something we needed to hear; I went in my capacity as CEO of the Association, and hoped I’d learn important information that Sue and I should know as residents and farmers. Turns out that this particular issue doesn’t fall under the purview of the committee that hosted the talks last night, but it was still a neat meeting to attend.

What I did end up hearing was a presentation from a guy named Catlow Shipek, a native Herefordian, who is one of the founding members of a company in Tucson dealing with management of watershed called – amazingly enough – Watershed Management Group. He is working in our local area with Cochise College, R. L. Workman Homes, and other groups to study and implement Low Impact Development Practices and the use of Green Infrastructure to mitigate monsoon rain runoff in the hopes of helping to recharge the aquifer in the San Pedro Basin.


This is the Living Lab’s Sonoran Food Forest

Because they are located in the Tucson area, most of their classes and events take place there. They have a Living Lab and Learning Center in Tucson, which consists of an old 1940’s adobe home that they have completely retrofitted to become an all rain water usage facility. They achieved this goal in 2015 and only had to use city water beginning two months ago because of our winter and spring drought situation. They hold classes, at this facility, year round to teach rain water and grey water harvesting as well as rain garden planting and Sonoran food forest establishment. I think I feel a field trip coming up soon. Or maybe we could attend a class. They also provide week long certification courses on Water Harvesting and Water Harvesting Design. I would love to take those, but they are a bit pricey.  May be some other things we can add to the “When I’m rich and famous…” list. 🙂  I’m continually amazed at how we discover opportunities to support this adventure. It always intersts me when things dovetail in this fashion. Just shows me that we’re on the right path. If we end up going for a visit, we’ll take you along with us! Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s weather: Rainy and cool!!!! love, love, love it!  Over the last two days we’ve accumulated .49″ whooooo hoooo. That’s pretty good  for us. I’m hoping it continues to just gently rain all night. Right now, at 8:02 p.m. it is 73° and 45% humidity. Tomorrow, as stated earlier, it is supposed to be the same.

Egg Report: Thursday = zero goose, 3 duck eggs, 23 chicken eggs. Friday = zero goose, zero duck, 27 chicken eggs.   And, good news, Tom the baker is back – so I’ll deliver 7 dozen eggs to him tomorrow. That only leaves 15 dozen more to sell tomorrow. Wish us luck!