ECO-LOGOLast Saturday, at the Bisbee Farmer’s Market, in the pouring down rain – I was approached by one of the market regulars, Thaddeus. He asked me if we had our eggs at Ecoasis. Well – no we didn’t. I had noticed the sign on the way into Warren, and I know a few of my other market friends (Ginny’s Eclectic Kitchen, Bisbee Good Cakes, Golden Rule Dairy) have their stuff there – but I hadn’t been in yet to check it out and I really wasn’t sure what the deal was. He told me that they consign local produce, eggs, dairy, and baked goods. We decide the price of our goods and then Ecoasis will keep 20%.  I asked him who I needed to contact about it, he said: “Me.”

CSSC-LOGOWell, cool! Didn’t have to go far to get to the right guy. Then he called the store manager and asked if they needed eggs. Seems that the eggs run out early in the week, so they are trying to get some more suppliers. I started texting Sue to talk about the possibility of dropping off the eggs I had with me – because it was pouring down rain and there were hardly any customers at the market. We discussed it a bit and decided to try it out. So, I packed up everything and then took a little side trip on my way. Not much of a side trip really, as it was on my way home.  I met Serena Casey, the Board President of the Non-Profit that is running Ecoasis and the shelter associated with it – Community Synergy Solutions Corporation- and talked to her about our eggs and our mission. She seemed happy to have another source for local eggs. I left everything that we had remaining with them, and she encouraged us to call midweek to see if they could use another few dozen. I did talk to them last night and they were happy to have a few more dozen eggs.  So, Sue took them 5 dozen more today. We’ll see how it goes when I drop more by on Saturday and pick up our check!

I still didn’t really know much about what their mission was, why the sustainability center? what shelter,? I had questions. So I did a bit of research this evening and found out that this is a great undertaking for a wonderful purpose. I hope we’re able to continue a relationship with them and watch them grow and take off.  Here’s an excerpt from the Herald/Review about the center:  BISBEE — The City of Bisbee could be getting a whole lot greener in just a few weeks with the opening of the Tin Town Ecoasis Sustainable Living Center. The new resource center will feature a greenhouse, cafe and farmers market to meet the needs of the community. Its main goal, however, is this: to help Bisbee’s homeless population integrate into the workforce. The idea started with Serena Casey, president and founder of Community Synergy Solutions Corporation (CSSC), and Tony Bedolla, executive director of the Bisbee Coalition for the Homeless. Casey’s nonprofit organization is dedicated to sustainable community development and the coalition is a longtime community cooperative with a mission to help the local homeless population get back on their feet.  And below is a video that they produced to explain a bit about the center and tour the grounds.  Hope you enjoy. We’ll keep you posted on our experience with them. Until then – as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s weather: rather hot! By the time I was home, maybe around 3:30 – 3:45 it was registering 101°.  No rain on the horizon.

Egg Report: We’re slowing down a bit as the weather gets warmer. Tuesday – 2 duck, 37 chicken. Wednesday – 1 duck, 32 chicken.