It seems like I’m saying this a lot lately, but I’m continuing to have difficulty coming up with stuff to write about. Guess that’s why there’s been more information than usual about other companies and people. Oh well. It’s late and I can’t think of anything interesting and I cannot concentrate enough to write so you’re getting a quick  list. Again.

IMG_2922Today Sue spent (probably way too much) time in the heat finishing up the little chicken tractor. With more than enough time to get it ready for the Red Rangers… twho are growing like gangbusters and have been feathering out really well. They will need to vacate the brooder by the end of next week because the next batch of chickens is coming; they will arrive Thursday or Friday. Hopefully our heat spell with be over by then. We’ve had a couple of chickens not dealing very well with the heat; one even died today. Well, it’s been in the hundreds every day, 110° at one point this week, and some of them just can’t cope with it, even though we’ve been giving them frozen treats in the heat of the day.  We’re going to try to put some larger frozen blocks out tomorrow just so they can cool off if needed. They sure love the evenings though – it takes longer and longer to get them in in the evening. This morning we had a coyote checking out the chickens in the pasture – Sue had to scare him off by tossing pebbles. He wasn’t fazed at all by the dogs, and the chickens were right along the fence by him. Guess that’s the only bad thing about getting them used to the dogs.

The ducks and the goose have been growing like crazy. Must be the heat making them grow so quickly 🙂 .  They’ve been getting time in the water as often as we can give it to them, and they always seem to be able to spread their drinking water everywhere. This afternoon, Sue changed the ducks’ bedding while I watched them in the tub. I think I got the better end of the that deal! This is a video of them a couple of days ago. They are quite a bit bigger now, and Octave is huge! I’ll try to get him next time.

img_2919.jpgFinally, here’s another highlight of the week. I’ll put it here, since we don’t have much content at this point. Wednesday evening, I happened upon this guy making his way over the concrete at the dinky house. Our question about Tarantellas is, are they all bald? Sue says we have Tarantella monks – they have tonsures.  We are in the shadow of the shrine after-all. Maybe they are Franciscan Tarantellas. We’ll need to do a bit of investigation.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Maybe I will be more creative after the weekend. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: HOT! Can I just say that and get away with it? Looks like we might be going down into the low 90°’s over the weekend, but then right back up there during the week. Our high today was 103°.

Egg Report: Thursday – 1 duck and 39 chicken eggs. Friday – 1 duck, 27 chicken eggs.