Take your pick. Both mean the same in my book. Told Sue, yesterday, that I wanted a white board so i could use it to be my memory. Since I keep thinking – while I’m at work- “when I get home…” or vice versa. Seems like I could remember to e-



mail myself something and that would work, but I can’t even remember to do that! Luckily, if it’s really important around the farm, we’ll say something to other and generally one of us remembers.  Case in point: Sue just asked me “How many dozen eggs am I supposed to take to choir rehearsal?” I would have totally forgotten. If I did have a white board, there are two possible outcomes. A or B. 


chicks from above

New digs, from above

What’s done? Well, Sue put the very finishing touches on the smaller chicken tractor today. It’s ready for whenever the littlest Rangers are ready to go outside. They’re still too young yet.  Yesterday we gave the Banty mama some extra room for her and the penguin babies. We created a nice space in the crate we were using for the baby goats, who out grew it not too long ago. We left her a nesting box (after we cleaned it up and threw out the non-viable eggs, in case she wanted to have a very secure spot for the chicks, added a dust bath – which both she and the chicks are enjoying, and they still have more space than before. We made it all nice and tidy then opened the doors to both, stuck them together and let everybody find their way over to


the new place. Worked rather well, actually. Mama and the six penguins are doing really well in their new home, tho’ I think mama would like to get back with all the others, they will have to wait until the chicks are quite a bit bigger. Maybe we should look for one of those doggy playpens so they can get some outside time every once in a while. Might be more trouble than it’s worth though; she won’t let us near the littles, so we’d have to move the whole cage. On second thought, no.

IMG_3067What else was checked off the list? Well, I plotted out the planting for the wind break trees that are still in the nursery. We’re reusing holes previously dug for the failed junipers. In this layout, we only have to dig four more holes. I plotted it out using the mature “average” sizes of the trees. Of course, we may not be around when they reach that size, but we can supplement with some “bush” plantings in between to help with the wind break. Maybe some acacias that really don’t live that long. It’ll continue to be a work in progress, but at least there will always be progress. Right?  As we go along, I’ll try to share the planting process, if that interests anyone. Since it’s monsoon season right now, it’s an excellent time to get trees, bushes, and other plants in the ground. The weather is cooler and the added moisture just helps to give them a good start.  Until the next, as always~
Thanks for reading!

clouds07112018Today’s Weather: Well – cloudy and cool has been the norm for a number of days now! Looks like our high was only 83° today. We’ve had .04″ of rain in the last 24 hours and are currently under a flash flood warning until 2am tomorrow. Our overnight low is forecast to be 63°. We are at 43% humidity. It is 70° at 8:27 p.m. More of the same is scheduled for tomorrow. Here’s a shot that shows what we’re seeing on a daily basis.

Egg Report: Tuesday- 0 goose, 1 duck, 30 chicken.  Wednesday- 0 goose, 1 duck, 31 chicken eggs.