OBE meaning - what does OBE stand for?

That’s one of Sue’s expressions left over from her Navy days. That’s what happened yesterday; I was ‘overcome by events’. So we’re doing another “make-up day” today. You know how I try to photo or graphic up by this paragraph that has something to do with the title? Well, today I fished around for an O.B.E. meme or clip-art, but when I looked up images, mostly what I was able to retrieve were photographs of people receiving a chivalry medal for The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Not exactly what I was going for. We’ll just have to do with the standard graphic from acronymsandslang.com. Oh well. Can’t be cool every day. I’m also seeing that WordPress doesn’t particularly care for this graphic, so the words are a bit obscured. This is not operator error. Just so you know.

Tuesday-1So, we’re going over Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday today.  Seems like so many days but there won’t be pages and pages to write. I may not have all this stuff on the right days, but it is all stuff that was accomplished.  Tuesday Sue started in with the mowing. She was out in the field getting things taken care of where we’ve been slogging through the knee high weeds to get out to the orchard. While she was out there, she stopped to talk with our neighbor, George, about the odd sounds that the tractor was making. He couldn’t really hear what she was hearing. I think he’ll work on the tractor and give it a good once over if she asks him to – he kind of does that type of work in his retirement. (update: Sue talked to Tom today about the noise she was hearing and he said that she might need a new starter. His tractor is very similar to ours and he had that problem as well. We’ll see where that goes.) I went to the store after work for some things we needed and Sue was already involved in the chores by the time I got home. I helped finish things and then took off to see if I could get into the doctors. It was too late, for Tuesday, so I made an appointment for Wednesday. I can’t remember what we did after that. I think I we were both working on our respective computers until a pretty good lightening storm started making it’s way over. We quickly – for a change – got all the chickens to go in and everything battened down for the night. Of course, lightning storms mean the computers get unplugged. Lately, because the dogs are so scared by the thunder and lightning, we’ve been putting in a movie to help hide the noise. We also found these organic, natural calming drops that help them stay mellow. That was that day.

Wed 10Wednesday, Sue cleaned out the brooder side of the coop. Time to start cleaning up things and get them ready for the Easter Eggers that will come in the fall. But we have time. She was just finishing the chores as I left for work and expecting to mow some more. Everything always looks so neat and manicured when its done. And it has that lovely green smell. It’s a lot of work though – especially when she’s mowing around the house with the regular lawn mower. Immediate gratification though! I came home around 1:30 and made some supper – linguine with clam sauce, if you’re interested – and we started in on the chores. Got most everything done and I had to leave for the Doctors appointment I made the day before. Sue finished up the watering and was working on the computer when I returned. I decided to go pick up my meds at the pharmacy so I could be back in time to put everyone away as Sue needed to get to Choir Rehearsal. So, you know you always have to wait for a prescription, even when the Doctor sends it over by e-mail. So, by the time I got home, Sue needed to leave. I changed clothes and started getting everyone bedded down for the night. Another storm was coming in – Sue gave Sweet Pea the calming drops because she hears the thunder way before we do. After everyone was in, very cooperatively again, the storm was already coming our way. They are preceded by very strong winds, which actually help to get everybody to go in! My choices were 1)stay home and do the blog or 2) go to choir and learn what we’re singing for Sunday morning. I bet you can guess what I did :).  Yep, I put in a movie for the dogs to watch while we were gone, loaded up the bag of all things (otherwise known as my purse) and schlepped it back into town for rehearsal. It was a late one last night. I think we got home around 9:30.

thursdayHere we are at Thursday. We started out with a normal morning. It was still drizzling a bit as we finished up the chores. Nice and cool day. We talked about some things that we could do, but decided to put up a little enclosure for the Sister with the three babies. She has been pacing and pacing, wanting to get out of her little brooder arIMG_1728ea. I don’t blame her, but we just didn’t have anywhere to put here where the babies would be safe. So we used some of the black plastic fencing (like the orange construction fencing you see everywhere) and made a little run for them. The black netting is definitely difficult to see, but I’m taking the photo from the far side of the enclosure away from their house and it just goes in an arc and is attached to the corner of the house that you see – the chickens are standing there by the house. OK, not the best shot, but I was trying to give you and idea of the size of their little enclosure. That was our morning task. We went in,



had some buttermilk pancakes and talked about how best to raise the banty house up off the ground, where it’s been getting too flooded lately. Then off to work I went. Sue was going to head to Home Depot and purchase materials to make a Goat Feeding Station and pick up some other supplies. While she was at Home Depot she ran into our neighbor Tom – he just happened to have a Goat Feeding Station he purchased when he was going to get some goats, and then never did. He sold it to us for a really good price. Yay! Probably saved some money on that one. He also said he might have a friend who was willing to dig the remainder of the tree wells (yes! I took photos) for us. That’s also when Sue talked to him about the Tractor. So many good things IMG_3143happen while you’re at Home Depot! Ok – about the photos. There is the before and after. In the ‘before’, you can sort of see the area that has been dug up – now, since the rains – they are getting overgrown with wild flowers and grasses. We want to be able to put down mulch and all sorts of other things and well as make them into water catchments. So, in the ‘after’ photo, you can see that we’re prepped and ready to do that. You can see the black-line, for the drip system, going through the circle and in the middle is the hole that Tom augured out for us – we’re leaving enough dirt around the holes to use, if needed, when we plant the tree. I’m hoping to use mostly composted dirt, from our three compost piles, when we plant. Anyway, that just a side note.  So – I’m at work snakeand I get a text from Sue. It was simply a photo. Of a snake. In the chicken coop. Crawling into the wall. Yikes! I suppose no words are really necessary. It does blend in quite well. Can you see it in there? We think he was probably after mice. Which is just fine, really, but we also don’t want him to get too comfortable in there and decide he wants to eat duck eggs, or chickens, or ducks even. Sue said he was a skinny little thing. We’ll probably try to remove him if he doesn’t vacate on his own. Meanwhile, the Sister with the babies, who we just gave extra room – had been getting out. She decided that the chicks were big enough to fend for themselves and just wanted to go back with the adults. I hear that sometimes happens with humans as well. Whatever. So tonight, she was reunited with her Sisters in the coop, after everyone was in for the night. Her chicks will do fine by themselves until we can get them to their permanent home. All is now well, and you are caught up. Rather long and rambling, but that’s how our days go sometimes. Tomorrow is another day and another post. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: overcast today with bits of rain on and off. According to our weather station we’ve had around a half inch the last couple of days. We’ll take it! Currently 9:02 p.m., it is 71°with 73% humidity. Looks like we’re expecting much the same for the next couple of days.

Egg Report: Tuesday – zero goose, zero duck, 26 chicken. Wednesday – zero goose, zero duck, 25 chicken. Thursday – zero goose, zero duck, 25 chicken.