IMG_3150Or at least the chicken tractor. That’s what we did before I went to work today. Sue thought it took longer than it should, but I thought we did it in pretty good time. The reason we did this? The banties were getting water in their coop on a regular basis and it wasn’t drying out in between the rains very well, so it was getting rather yucky in there. Sue had already taken out all straw from inside and they were left with just the bare floors, because they’re way old enough just to roost up on the roosts, and they were fine with that, but it smelled dank and musty – not a healthy environment. So Sue wanted to lift it off the ground, let more air circulate to dry it out (it already looks better and smells cleaner), keep them off the wet wood that’s underneath, and also provide them with a larger protected area of shade. So we lifted the tractor today and placed it on 1 large cinder block, plus a 1/2 block. That raised it enough that the chickens could get in underneath – maybe their food and water can go under there as well – in the front section where it’s easily accessible and can stay dry and cool during the summer rains and heat, then the water might not freeze in the winter. 

thumbs upThe real work happened after I left. Sue measured the inside and cut chicken wire to put on the bottom. Then she had to maneuver it around on the inside and staple it to the supports that run front to back. She said it went more easily than she thought it might, but I’m sure bending over in there and figuring out how to staple everything without being able to be on the supports was a pain in the back-side. She also had to figure out a ramp for them to get up into the tractor, plus something to keep the door from blowing closed. The wind shield for the door had to come off and was set aside for a rework job. The bales of hay still provide protection for underneath, so that’s really good. Over-all, I’m calling it a success!

Sue also worked on putting the goat feeder together today. Plus, she mowed some more. Doesn’t matter how long or hard I work, I always feel like a schlub  when I get home and we have the “what did you do today?” conversation. But, I’m makin’ money, I have to remind myself.

Today’s Weather: Raining as I write this. We just ran out to put everyone away and close up shop for the day. It’s 6:59 p.m. and currently 72°.  Our high today was 79°, overnight low will be around 63°. Raining now with continued showers until around 10 pm. Partly cloudy through the weekend and Monday, then more chances of rain and lightning storms all next week. We really need to keep that rain coming!

Egg Report: Sue says that the oldies’ egg production went up 50% today! Don’t know what might have caused that. Just happy I guess. Friday – zero goose, zero duck, 29 chicken.