Any “Wallace & Gromitgrand day out” fans out there? If you’re not familiar with the shorts and movies, I recommend you look them up for a wonderful bit of silliness! I was thinking of this title earlier today; sometimes I start thinking about what the blog will be about quite early in the day, and this title just kept jumping to the top of the list. Then, as the day progressed and I was getting updates from Sue, I wondered if I’d be able to continue to work with it. Well – we’ll see how we do when we get down to the end. Some interesting things happened today. Ready to take a gander? 

fisgt day outI guess when you see this title, you might think it’s the precursor to a field trip report. We do that sometimes. However, this time I was actually thinking about chickens. Today was the first day that the Mama Banty, with the six chickens, got to be out of the brooder. Last night we finally remembered to put them in the Green tractor. Then, this morning, they were let out into the peep enclosure.  We weren’t sure how they would react, so after chores were done we watched them for a while. Mama kept them in the covered area for quite a bit; checking out the situation, I think. Then she finally led them out into the run area. The were hunting, pecking, and dusting up a storm. That’s when I may have thought, “They’re just having a grand day out!”  Ding! A title was born. They did really quite well out all day. We weren’t sure if Mama would remember where to take them in for the night, but she called them all into the little green house just easy as you please. She has really been a very good mama.  We’ll keep her with them as long as she wants to stay – and will put her back only when she’s ready to leave the babes.

Sue and I had a grand day out this morning as well. She cleaned out the brooders, both those inside and the cage we just emptied of babies. I finished laying out the drip for the garden – now I just need to mend breaks in the line, plug holes that we don’t want to use, and install the sprayers we do want. Of course, I didn’t get photos of any of that, because I never remember to carry my phone with me.

The goats had a grand day out too – they got their hooves worked on by Miss Jolene today. The babies had their first hoof trimming – but I had to be at work by the time Miss Jolene made it to our house, so – no photos of that either, maybe next time I’ll be around. It’s just too hard for Sue to try to hold crazy kids and take photos at the same time. They would all be major action shots!

gopher snakeThe gopher snake also had a grand day out. I thought maybe he had moved on, but Sue was pretty sure he was in the walls, sleeping off a mice feast. We hadn’t seen him for a couple of days – and then today, Sue caught him (or her) heading back into the walls for another snooze. It could be stealing duck eggs – so we’re probably going to try Robin’s  ( suggestion of the mothballs in empty water bottles, poked with holes, to see if we can chase him (or her) away with the smell. While we certainly don’t mind the mice eating, egg or baby chicken eating is quite frowned upon around here. We think it’s a youngish snake and we don’t want it setting up home in the coop for good. If we need to relocate it, we will – not one we want to dispatch at all!

IMG_3166But – Sue did have to dispatch a snake today. A rattler was curled up under one of the porch chairs later in the day. It may have been having a grand day out of its own, but he also may have been contemplating a baby chicken meal. If we come across a rattler out on a trail, or in the wilderness – we’re happy to leave them be… they are great rodent catchers… they are not, however, allowed to curl up on the porch and make themselves to home. No sir. I’ve lightened the photo quite a bit, so you can just see him coiled under that black chair. Sue heard him rattle when she came out the sliding door that is just a couple chairs width more to the right. She immediately put the dogs in the house and contacted our neighbor, George, for advice. His advice? “Gotta kill it.” He came to help if need be, but Sue was able to get it. I’m sure her heart was pounding – that sound, whenever you hear it, just works at something primal in you – your fight or flight drive is pushed to the limit. Quite an exciting day!

Now, you know that not all days are this exciting, but we try to at least keep them interesting. We’re never sure what exactly the week will hold, and – even when we do plan it – God has a way of making sure that our plans don’t get in the way of His. 🙂 So – whatever happens throughout the week – we’ll be sure to share it all with you. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: It was hot and muggy today. I only worked in the garden until 9am today and I was dripping with sweat – not because it was necessarily hot. Sue wanted to mow, but after Miss Jolene came and other things happened, it was just to dang muggy. That is the most draining type of heat, I think. Currently (8:20 p.m.) it is 79° with 55% humidity, 10% chance of rain. High today was 90°, our overnight low may be around 64°. Sunset was at 7:04; sunrise tomorrow 5:44 a.m. Tomorrow is showing partly cloudy with a high of 89°. It was supposed to rain all week, but now I only see that on Wednesday then again over the weekend. It changes hourly around here.

Egg Report: Saturday – zero goose, zero duck, 23 chicken. Sunday – zero goose, zero duck, 26 chicken.  Monday – zero goose, zero duck, 28 chicken.