number-1920553_960_720…the number three. We’ll add chickens any chance we get! Who doesn’t need more chickens? Just three more, please. Today we’re going to pick up three Easter-Eggers from a church friend who is moving to Georgia. His wife is getting transferred, so they are picking up and heading East. They are the family that gave us the four hens earlier this summer. Well pick them up soon and put them in with


Eggers in holding bin

their “flock” this evening at closing time. We’ll start the process of changing them over to organic food, so we can add all their eggs to our ‘sellable’ stash. It only takes a couple of weeks for the old food to be completely cleared from their bodies and their eggs can be considered organic. I was surprised that it could happen that quickly. After three weeks we could be adding their super large eggs to our cartons. These are also the chickens we’re going to pair up with the 3 goat boys. Chickens and goats are supposed to get along quite well. That will be an interesting adventure for all, I’m sure.


Ok, now that I’ve started this theme, I’m trying really hard to keep it going – it might be a stretch though. Please see the video above for the song that goes through my head every time someone starts talking about 3’s, or multiples thereof. Let’s try this one. Last night we moved the Banty mama, with the 6 (3×2) chicks who were over in the green tractor, back into her flock. Now, the 6 chicks are just fine with the other 3 adolescents from the one Sister- who was successful reunited with her other 2 sisters a few weeks ago, making the trio whole again. The Banty Rooster – No Name – now has 4 of his 5 ladies back, he’s just waiting for the last mama, in the brooder to raise her babies so they can be back to their half dozen flock. Not sure if I can go any further here. Although, if we could catch Voyager 1 and get her back with the layers – Voyager 1: taken last night as I tried to capture her.there would be 27 in the RCW! Who knew we were so trinity oriented? Not sure if that translates to the other flocks though. I haven’t counted the oldies lately, nor the RR#1’s. In the RR#2 flocks there are 15 because we lost one, but had the addition of the white “fancy” – which we still have no idea of the breed. I’ll have to count and give an update later.


Voyager 1

On the ‘everyday’ side of things, we were going to move the RCW today, but Sue was on auto pilot this morning and opened the doors to let them out – immediately afterwards she remembered, but it was too late. There should be a good simile or metaphor in there somewhere.  Like “letting the cat out of the bag”, we could say, “letting the chickens out of the coop!”  Or instead of “that ships already sailed,” we could say, “those chicks done left the coop.”  Ok, I’m done now.  So, instead I went in to work a bit early and Sue put in 4 hours (darn, I wish I could say 3; how about 3 hours+60 minutes) on the tractor. Mowing of course. Property keeps looking more and more manicured! Mower deck stayed on just fine today. Thanks, George! Our neighbors all look out for us – today George or Donna texted Sue some numbers to call if she needed help getting rid of rattle snakes, while they are gone for the weekend. So sweet! I think we’ll be ok though. Sue went to big five and got some snake shot for the revolver – now she just needs to carry it with her when she’s out in the back 40.


Voyager 1 returning home

I think we’re putting this week in the bag. It’s been a long one for me and I’m ready for the weekend. I have all the eggs crated up for delivery tomorrow – right after we move the RCW in the morning! I have a formal event in the evening for work (Dancing Like the Stars!) and singing in Choir on Sunday – Monday will be here before we know it, and we’re not quite done for today. Heading out in a few minutes for closing time. Then I’ll be back for the Weather and Egg Reports. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Last minute update: We did it! Voyager 1 is now back with her layer flock in the RCW. I was able to net her as she was looking for a good place to roost on the deck. HA! Sue says that I’ll never be trusted again! But it was worth it to get her back with the others. Now she’ll be dreaming dreams on wide open spaces with grass and bugs as far as you can see. (Anyone see “Chicken Run?”) That photo is of Sue putting her in with the others already abed.  YAY!!!!

Today’s Weather: It’s 8pm, we just got back from closing every one in. Feels like New Orleans in May. Currently it is 76° with 69% humidity. Whew. We did have a short rain shower earlier today, but nothing that registered. The rain they were predicting over the weekend has turned into partly sunny skies. Next chance of rain will be Thursday – I’m sure it’ll change too. Tomorrow the high is going to be 91° with an overnight low of 66°.

Egg Report: Thursday – zero goose, zero duck, 27 chicken.  Friday – zero goose, zero duck, 23 chicken.

waspHere is your “Find the bug” photo for this week. Taken by Sue. It hangs out over by the goats. She said that she almost put her hand on it this morning. Tarantula Hawk, which is a type of wasp.