Prepared Not UnpreparedSo, today was preparation day. Tomorrow is processing day. Not a favorite day, but a necessary one. We’ll be processing 15 birds and Sue spent some time today setting up the accoutrements – as much as she could, out of the weather. It was rather a drizzly day today and you can’t leave the plucker and the scalder out in the weather – both electric, right, so just wouldn’t do. She’s got them set up in the car port and tomorrow we’ll put the kettle on for the scalder, lay down a tarp, hang up a tarp, gather some chickens and say some prayers. 

Like I said, we’re processing 15 Red Rangers and have sold almost all of them. Right now we’re trying to decide if we’re going to sequester them tonight, or just take the food out of the tractor and leave everyone where they are. Either way we have to get the ducks and goose, and the two smaller chickens separated from the Red Rangers. One of the difficulties is that there is only one small entrance in the front and one small access door on top. Generally that means someone is crawling in there and getting chickens. Last time we processed two at a time, it seemed to go faster that way. Not sure what the total plan is. We might be playing it by ear. Currently it is raining, so it’s gotta clear up if we are to go forward as planned. Guess you’ll find out how things went on Monday 🙂 ! That’s it for the preparation talk.

cookie_monster_me_just_here_for_the_cookies_t_shirt-r088d0e3139394db5aca6f432cbe6b6ed_jf4sx_307It was a quiet day after that. Sue made cookies!!! Love me some chocolate chip cookies. I picked up greens after work and burritos from Rudolpho’s. After dinner, I crated up the eggs this week for Tom, the baker, and Ecoasis. Now, blogging while watching a Jack Reacher movie. Soon it will be time to get everyone “all in” for the night. Short post after a long week. Hope next week goes more smoothly. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: Well, I already mentioned it was a dreary day. The high today was 83°, currently – at 7:13 p.m. – it is 68° with 84% humidity and winds are coming out of the east at 6 mph., we have a 30% chance of rain again at 8pm; expecting an overnight low of 62°. Tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 83° again, partly cloudy. Sunrise today was at 5:50 and sunset was at 6:51.

Egg Report: Thursday – zero goose, zero duck, 22 chickens. Friday – zero duck, zero goose, 29 chicken.

Cool things: Fuzzypiller pics are today’s order. The last one is my favorite. I love the way the water droplets are clinging to him. They’ve been helping us get rid of the Russian Thistle by munching it down. Thanks for the help Fuzzypillers!
IMG_3214 IMG_3230