goat boysI’m not going to do the weekend update until later. I’ll be traveling Wednesday and want to have something that I can talk easily about while I’m gone. I’ll be leaving for Phoenix  tomorrow afternoon for a workshop over a couple of days. I’ll be back Thursday afternoon, but will definitely have time in the late evening, Wednesday to post. So I am not anticipating losing a day. Anyway, let’s talk about today and why these goats really, really, really want to come through the gate.

goat penToday we cleaned out the goat shed again. Geeze those boys sure do pee a lot.  It was starting to smell really rank in there so, we loaded up the back of the truck with straw, alfalfa, Amzetta, pitchforks, shovel and all sorts of stuff to make it all nice and clean again. First Sue filled up the two wheel barrows with the fertilized straw while I ferried them out to the pasture to the area the chickens recently vacated. I pre-positioned the hay there because Sue wants ckeab oebto seed that area with the soil rejuvenating mixture and then cover it with the straw.  I think we moved about 8 wheel barrows full. Then she while she was putting the fresh straw into their shed, I cleaned up some of the hay from the outside. Also found a great spot full of grubs that I harvested for the chickens. Took a great video of them, which I’ll also share with you on Wednesday. Doesn’t their little shed look so nice and clean? I love the sun shining in from the window. Sue did a great job of taking the photos this morning. I almost looks like it’s waiting for a Living Nativity to take place. Our Nativity would have: 3 goats, 70 some chickens, 8 doves, 2 geese, 7 ducks, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 hedgehog, probably some mice.

We also had an accident today. Bob cut himself horribly – on a thorn, or thorns from the Lime Tree. Let me just say for those that don’t know, Bob is Sue’s sweet shepherd mix. He was a hurricane Katrina puppy – his mom was rescued after the hurricane – so that makes him around 12 or 13 now. I can’t remember if he was born in 2005, right after, or if he was born in 2006. The laceration is almost 10 inches long and he had to be sewn up with drains put in to help with the healing. He looks so uncomfortable and he just seems to be in so much pain. He’ll go back on Friday to get the drains removed and hopefully he’ll be more comfortable after that. Poor sweet boy.

That’s it for tonight. Gotta pack and get things ready. More on Wednesday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: We’re thinking that the monsoon season might already be on its way out.  It was really warm today and Sue said the winds were blowing almost all day. It was 96° when I got home. Was 81° when we went out to close everyone in.

Egg report: Later, I think.